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In recent years, truck accidents have been a significant concern in Antelope, CA. Located in Sacramento County, Antelope is a suburban community with several major highways passing through or near the area, including Interstate 80 and State Route 99. These busy roadways contribute to the increased risk of truck accidents.

Truck accidents in Antelope can result in severe consequences due to commercial trucks’ large size and weight. Such accidents often lead to significant property damage, injuries, and, tragically, loss of life. The causes of these accidents vary but may include factors such as driver fatigue, speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, inadequate vehicle maintenance, or adverse weather conditions.

Devastating Truck Accidents

The difference in size and weight between an 18-wheeler and most commuter vehicles like sedans, pickup trucks, and SUVs is so vast that when a big rig hits one of these smaller vehicles, the occupants in the smaller vehicles are at risk of suffering horrific bodily injuries.

Holding the Negligent Driver Responsible

Were you involved in a car crash in Antelope caused by a truck driver’s negligence? If you or a family member was hit by an 18-wheeler and suffered severe injuries, you can take legal action through a truck accident injury claim. Reach out to an experienced Antelope truck accident attorney for legal advice.

Depending on the circumstances of your particular case, you may be able to file a claim against not just the operator of the truck, but multiple parties, including:

  • The employer of the negligent truck operator
  • Inspectors of commercial vehicles
  • The insurance company of the commercial truck company
  • The manufacturer of the big rig
How Can I Sue for Damages?

You may ask yourself, “If I was hit by a negligent truck operator or was involved in a multi-vehicle crash, how can I sue their employer?” Well, this is an aspect of truck accident claims that is unique. You can hold the truck operator’s employer responsible under a doctrine known as respondeat superior. This is a fancy legal term meaning that when there is an employer-employee relationship, the employer can be held financially liable for the driver’s careless actions when those actions are committed while operating within the scope of their employment duties.

Commercial Trucking Companies Violations

An effective way to establish liability is by showing a state or federal regulation violation. This is because regulatory violations substantiate a claim that a big rig operator or commercial trucking company was negligent in its duties and put other individuals at risk.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the commercial trucking industry. Some key regulations that are often violated include hours of service that restrict the number of hours a big rig operator can be on the road or freeway without taking a break. For example, the regulation requires that big rig operators not sleep in their big parked rigs. In addition, a big rig operator that goes three or more hours over the established driving time limit can be held liable for an egregious regulatory violation.

The FMCSA also restricts big rig operators from using cell phones while driving. The regulation restricts a commercial big rig operator from using a hand-held cell phone while operating the vehicle, truck, or bus. When a big rig operator violates this regulation, they can be subjected to a significant monetary fine and lose their commercial driver’s license. The same goes for a trucking company that allows drivers to use cell phones while operating a vehicle. In addition to federal regulations, there are state regulations that truck companies and operators must follow. For example, the California Department of Transportation has passed laws governing cargo weight limits based on the number of axles, type of cargo, and kind of tires on a big rig.

Taking Your Case All the Way to Trial

Most personal injury lawsuits ultimately get resolved out of court through a settlement. However, you can never guarantee that a case will settle, and big trucking companies will do everything they can to reduce or deny your claim. That is why you need an attorney who is not afraid to take your case to trial, if necessary, and present the facts to a judge and jury.

Watch the following video to learn why auto accident claims are worth pursuing.

Antelope Truck Accident Lawyer

Our law firm has been serving the Antelope and Northern California communities since 1982, helping injured people recover from accidents. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car crash in Antelope due to the negligence of another party, please call our seasoned Antelope truck accident attorneys today for free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400.

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