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Dogs are great pets and an essential part of the lives of many individuals and families. People often think of their dogs as close friends and even family members. The American Veterinary Medical Association has estimated that up to 40 percent of United States households own at least one pet dog, and studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that owning a dog can have various positive health benefits. These studies have shown that dog owners frequently report improved blood pressure, reduced anxiety and stress, and increased chances to exercise and socialize.

While owning a dog can be a huge benefit and an essential part of a person’s life, dog ownership also comes with responsibilities. One of dog owners’ most important responsibilities is to ensure that their pet doesn’t endanger the lives of others. Sadly, dogs do sometimes bite. While most pet dogs won’t ever become aggressive, CDC data shows that over four million Americans are injured in dog attacks yearly. These injuries are usually minor and don’t cause lasting trauma. However, many of these injuries are severe and leave people with symptoms that change their lives drastically. People who survive dog attacks can be left with emotional and physical issues that stay with them for the rest of their lives, and, in the most severe cases, a dog attack can even be the cause of fatal injuries.

Dog Bite Statistics

Many don’t realize the scope of dog bite injuries and how they affect their community. Below are some general dog bite statistics to help you get a picture of how serious the issue is:

  • The United States emergency rooms record about 1,000 dog bite injuries every day.
  • Insurance companies in the US pay more than one billion dollars for dog bite damages every year.
  • The majority of people injured during dog attacks are attacked near their homes.
  • About 75 percent of dog attack injuries affect the arms, legs, hands, and/or feet.
  • About one-quarter of fatal dog bites involve a dog restrained by a chain or rope.
  • Over 90 percent of dog bites that result in a fatal injury involve a male dog.
  • Most people who are bitten by a dog are familiar with the dog that bit them.
Who Is At Risk?

Anybody can suffer a dog bite injury under dire circumstances. However, studies have revealed that young children are most threatened by dog bites. According to CDC data, over 80 percent of dog bite emergency room patients are younger than 15. Furthermore, CDC data also shows that more than 50 percent of children aged 11 years and younger have been bitten by a dog, although most of these cases are not severe.

One of the main reasons that children tend to be more vulnerable to dog attacks is simply because they are smaller. Being smaller means that children are less able than adults to defend themselves or run away from an aggressive animal. Their small size can also mean that dogs will feel less afraid of them and may be more likely to attack if provoked. It has also been suggested that children are less able to tell if a dog is likely to become aggressive and that many younger children are attacked while innocently trying to play with the attacking dog.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

People are often taken aback when it is suggested that their friendly pet is from an aggressive breed. I have met many dogs considered to be from a dangerous breed and can say that they are also some of the most well-behaved and friendly pets I’ve ever been around. However, I’ve also been helping people injured in dog attacks for over three decades and know that some breeds can be more dangerous than others. Some breeds are more likely to turn aggressive, and others have strong jaws that can easily cause serious injuries. Some of the more dangerous breeds include:

  • Bulldogs
  • Chihuahuas
  • German Shepherds
  • Boxers
  • Bull Terriers
  • Pit Bulls
  • Lhasa Apsos
  • Pekingese
  • Chow-Chows
  • Rottweilers
Avoiding Dog Bites

If you would like some helpful information about how to avoid being bitten by an aggressive dog, watch the below video for some valuable safety tips:

Recovering From a Dog Bite

Dog bites can leave people with injuries that are difficult to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. Many who suffer a dog attack are saddled with steep medical bills and have to pay for medicine and therapy to complete their recovery. Furthermore, suffering a severe injury can mean being unable to work, making medical costs even harder. However, California law provides that dog owners have strict liability for the injuries that their pets cause. Strict liability means those injured by dogs do not need to establish negligence on the owner’s part to claim compensation. This differs from most personal injury claims and makes it much easier for injured parties to get the compensation they deserve.

If you suffered a severe injury, contacting a lawyer is one of the most critical steps to take during your recovery. An experienced California dog bite lawyer will be familiar with the types of damages you can claim and will be able to investigate, prepare, negotiate, and argue your case on your behalf.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

Many people know they should call a lawyer but don’t know how to ensure their attorney is a good choice. However, there are a few essential things to remember when looking for an Auburn dog bite lawyer. Your lawyer should have ample experience handling dog bite cases and should be able to show you their previous successful verdicts and settlements to prove it. Your lawyer should also be well-respected and have many positive reviews on third-party websites like Avvo and Yelp. It’s also essential that you feel personally comfortable with your lawyer. It’s a good idea to call a lawyer and speak with them about your case to see if they are a good fit before filing a claim.

Auburn Dog Bite Lawyers

If a dog bite left you or someone you love seriously hurt, please contact our Auburn law firm at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400 for free, friendly advice. See the many successful Verdicts and Settlements our firm has obtained for our clientele.

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