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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) often occurs when the head or body is struck violently or shaken. Traumatic brain injury can be caused by an accident or an intentional act. Examples include a shattered skull bone fragment, a sharp object within the automobile, or a bullet. An injury to the brain is one of the most dangerous types of trauma a person could sustain following an accident. 

In Bay Point, people get in their cars or on their motorcycles, take walks, or bike to work every day. They probably never think about getting into an accident until it happens. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 61,000 people died from traumatic brain injury in 2019. Some of those deaths were caused by TBIs suffered in traffic accidents and other reasons, such as defective products or falls.

After a Brain Injury Accident, Should I Seek Legal Advice? 

Many of our clients who have suffered brain injuries or their families assisting in their stead have received the compensation they deserve through our law firm. A personal injury claim may allow you to obtain the compensation needed to care for your injured family member whether they remain at home or must enter a long-term facility for treatment. In addition to helping the injured person and their family avoid financial strain, it gives them a sense of justice knowing that the at-fault party has been held responsible. 

The injury attorneys at AutoAccident.com have been defending the rights of those who suffered a TBI since 1982 to obtain fair compensation for them. Having the knowledge that medical care will continue aids the injured person and their families. Recovery of damages after a traumatic brain injury is vital because a TBI can be debilitating and life-altering, especially in severe cases. For a free review of your case and advice, call us at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400 to arrange a consultation.

Is Filing for Injury Compensation After a TBI Right for Me?

It is possible for medical bills following a brain injury to be astronomical and to continue for years to come, which can devastate the family’s finances. Additionally, someone with significant brain damage may be permanently disabled and unable to return to work. By filing a claim to recover compensation, the following may be recovered:

  • Medical expenses: Depending on the type and severity of TBI suffered, it can result in a lengthy hospitalization and extensive treatment, perhaps for many years. The cost of all the medical treatment associated with the accident can be recovered by receiving compensation. Those are all recoverable expenses from the ambulance to hospitalization, tests, surgeries, physicians’ bills, medications, and rehabilitation. If the trauma continues into the future and requires long-term treatment, the cost of this additional treatment can be factored into the settlement.
  • Lost wages: If the injured person was employed, their wages are recoverable until they can return to work or until the age of retirement if the injury causes permanent disability. Lost wages include pension and insurance benefits, tips, bonuses, and additional perks they receive in their job.
  • Pain and suffering: Recovery of damages caused by physical trauma is recoverable, such as loss of the enjoyment of life. However, compensation can also be recovered for the emotional and psychological damage caused by the accident and injury, including post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Punitive damages: In cases where the accident was especially egregious or intentional, and the case goes to court, punitive damages may be claimed. An award for punitive damages is in addition to the personal injury damages and is frequently much higher.
Are There Different Types of Brain Injuries?

There are different brain injuries, including mild, moderate, and severe. However, brain injuries are not always accompanied by symptoms right away. There may be a delay or a gradual increase in symptoms over time. This section describes the different types of brain injury, their symptoms, and their severity. When a brain injury occurs caused by a negligent driver or public entity, a brain injury lawyer from Bay Point may be able to help.

Are Concussions a Mild Form of TBI?

A concussion is caused by striking the head, shaking, or a blow to the skull and is often a mild TBI unless the individual repeatedly suffers this type of injury. An accident could cause any one of these actions. It is possible to sustain a concussion even in low-speed rear-end collisions because the head rapidly moves forward and snaps back. The following symptoms may not appear immediately following an accident:

  • A person suffering from an injury may suffer from an unrelieved headache or headaches that increase intensity.
  • Some individuals can experience nausea and vomiting.
  • There may be confusion or complaints of brain fog from the individual.
  • A cognitive problem can appear when you forget things, find it difficult to understand directions, or feel overwhelmed.
  • There may be slurring of speech.
  • Ringing in the ears and dizziness are possible symptoms.
What Happens in a Person With Traumatic Brain Injury of Moderate Severity?

A moderate traumatic brain injury can cause unconsciousness between 30 minutes and 24 hours. Moderate brain injuries may not show symptoms for hours and either worsen or remain the same. These types of TBIs can result in long-term health issues and permanent disability. In these cases, the help of a Bay Point brain injury attorney can help the injured party obtain compensation to continue their care, cover their lost wages, and provide an award for their pain and suffering. Symptoms include:

  • Loss of consciousness from minutes to days
  • Migraines
  • Light sensitivity
  • Problems with sleeping
  • Seizures
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Repeated vomiting or nausea
  • Ears ringing
What Are the Symptoms of a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury?

Survivors of severe traumatic brain injuries often experience long-term health problems. It is common for patients with severe TBIs to remain unconscious for more than a week. In addition to physical symptoms, cognitive impairments may be evident as well, which can require help from a Bay Point brain injury lawyer, such as:

  • Making decisions and concentrating is difficult.
  • Attention span is reduced.
  • The injured party starts making poor decisions.
  • There may be amnesia present, at least temporarily.
  • The person is lacking in motivation.
  • There is less awareness.
  • Changes in intelligence and personality occur.
  • The person begins demonstrating impulsive behavior.
Brain Injuries: What Are the Different Types?

Severe brain injuries are typically caused by one of the conditions that follows. When additional symptoms arise from moderate to serious TBIs, patients often end up in intensive care. These injuries include:

  • Individuals with recurrent concussions: Football players and boxers who suffer recurrent concussions are at risk of developing this dangerous, progressive brain disease, leading to permanent disability.
  • Hematoma: Clots or pools outside blood vessels cause a hematoma. When pressure builds in the skull, the danger increases. Left untreated, brain damage will occur.
  • Hemorrhage: Out-of-control bleeding can result from a brain hemorrhage. Brain tissue or areas surrounding it may be affected by this condition.
  • Edema or swelling of the brain: An injured part of the human body swells, including the brain, to respond to injury. Due to the brain being encased in the skull, swelling can impair blood flow, resulting in a dangerous condition.
  • Fractured skull: An injured skull may cause swelling, bruising, and bleeding from the nostrils or ears. Fractures can either heal on their own or require surgery, depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: Injuries of the diffuse axonal type often cause death as they damage brain cells and cause swelling. A survivor may sustain severe brain damage.

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Bay Point Brain Injury Lawyer

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