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Benicia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


Residents of Benicia know just how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful city. Because the town is right on the edge of San Francisco Bay and overlooks the Carquinez Strait, there are plenty of incredible views to enjoy. Walking downtown or along the coast is a great way to spend your morning or afternoon.

However, even though Benicia is a relatively small and calm city without enormous traffic, local pedestrians still face a severe risk of being struck by vehicles. While it’s true that you probably won’t be hit by a car on any given walk through your neighborhood, it only takes a single accident to cause major injuries that can significantly impact your life.

As accident attorneys, we help injured pedestrians and their families obtain the compensation they deserve following severe accidents. Call our legal team at (707) 564-1900 for a free case evaluation.

We Focus on Major Injuries

Pedestrians are very vulnerable and often sustain severe injuries during auto accidents. Because these types of injuries can cause so much damage, injury claims that involve major trauma tend to be high-value cases. For this reason, liable parties and insurance companies often put a significant amount of resources into protecting themselves from financial responsibility, making it hard for injured parties to obtain fair compensation.

Our firm has focused exclusively on significant injury cases for nearly four decades. For this reason, we are seasoned experts in ensuring survivors can hold negligent parties responsible for the full amount of damages they are owed. By investigating accidents ourselves, working with experts to diagnose injuries, and taking cases to trial when necessary, we take pride in ensuring that our clients receive the payments they need to move forward with their lives.

The “Personal” Personal Injury Lawyers

Our firm has been active since 1982; over this period, we’ve gained recognition as “personal” personal injury lawyers. We’ve earned this nickname by treating our practice holistically and focusing on our clients’ needs. By showing compassion and genuine interest in our clients’ lives, we can fully understand how seriously their injuries have impacted their lives. This helps us be even more effective when arguing or negotiating with insurance companies in court.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics for Benicia

Local traffic groups, including the Solano County Sheriff’s Office and California Highway Patrol, reported 847 traumatic car crashes within Benicia city limits between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2019. Out of these 847 collisions, 79 involved a pedestrian, meaning that pedestrian accidents accounted for over nine percent of all crashes in the city.

Moreover, pedestrian accidents in Benicia were much more dangerous than most collisions. The fatality rate for pedestrian accidents was 6.3%, while the rate for all accidents in the city was only 2.2%. Pedestrian collisions were three times as likely to cause a fatal injury. Pedestrian accidents were also around 33% more likely to involve major injuries.

Staying Safe While Walking

While nobody can say precisely where or when pedestrian-involved auto accidents will happen, it is possible to take action to improve your safety when walking on public roads. To learn some savvy pedestrian safety tips, you can watch the short video below:

Common Pedestrian Injuries

As injury lawyers, we have seen first-hand how serious pedestrian injuries can be. Some of the most common types of damage we’ve seen in our pedestrian clients include:

All of these can range in severity and potentially be fatal. These injuries often have far-reaching effects on peoples’ lives and may even cause permanent health issues like chronic pain, limited mobility, and impacted cognition.

Furthermore, the process of recovering from these injuries can be complicated. Crash survivors often need extensive medical treatment and cannot work during recovery. These issues will likely leave crash survivors in a difficult financial situation.

Getting Help for Your Damages and Losses

Fortunately, injured pedestrians can reach out for help. By working with an expert Benicia pedestrian accident attorney and filing a personal injury claim, injured pedestrians can frequently obtain the payments they need to cover the full range of damages they’ve suffered. These payments often include compensation for medical bills, lost income and/or earning potential, damaged property, personal suffering, and more.

Finding the Right Injury Attorney for Your Case

Because recovering accident damages is so important, knowing that your attorney has the right skills and experience for the job is even more essential. While finding a quality lawyer online may seem overwhelming, it’s not difficult if you know what to look for. For some helpful advice about getting in touch with a trustworthy pedestrian accident attorney near you, watch this video:

Contact Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Benicia, CA

If a car accident caused you or your loved one significant injuries, please contact our experienced Benicia pedestrian accident lawyers at (800) 404-5400 or (707) 564-1900 for free, friendly case advice. We’ve helped Benicia residents with injury claims since 1982 and have achieved many high-value settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients.

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