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Medical Billing Multiple Times

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Billing Multiple Times for Same Items or Service


When bringing a personal injury claim, it is essential to have accurate and complete copies of all medical bills for treatment of injuries associated with a motor vehicle collision or another type of accident. Without substantial medical records and billing, it may be challenging to prove that the injuries occurred from the incident and not from another cause. Furthermore, it may lead to insurers and defense counsel disputing claims for damages or outright denying them.

Importance of Avoiding Duplicate Charges for Inflated Medical Billing

While ordering medical records and billing statements may seem straightforward, it may be difficult if treatment is received at different facilities. As such, it is essential to request and ensure that all copies of medical records and billing invoices. These should be obtained from each healthcare provider and facility where treatment was sought for accident-related injuries. This includes the ambulance, emergency room, primary care provider, physical therapy, specialist, and more.

The costs of reasonable and necessary treatment are generally recoverable in personal injury cases. However, medical bills may be deemed unreasonable when the total charge is inflated due to billing errors. One common example is billing multiple times for the same items or service or duplicate medical billing. A medical advocate can review medical records and billing to determine if there is sufficient evidence to indicate that an invoice contains errors.

Complete copies of medical bills will include an itemized invoice from a medical provider or facility for services provided. They will also reflect any patient insurance payments, outstanding balances, and co-payments. The medical records and the ordered tests and medications should be cross-examined in detail to restrict the charges for the actual services performed. A medical advocate can review medical bills line by line to ensure that there are no typographical errors and multiple billing charges.

Medical Billing Errors That May Cost Patients

Common billing errors may include hospital bills where five transfusions were charged, but only three were actually administered to the patient. Another instance is where three tests were billed, but only one test was conducted. Another common billing issue is associated with keyboard errors. For instance, 20 room kits are billed instead of 2 or 300 instead of 3. A minor keyboard mistake for medical billing may lead to significant overcharges for patients.

Another situation where multiple or duplicate billing issues may occur is when a patient is billed for more than one physician reading scans or tests. One medical provider can read the scan or test. Conversely, if you are seeking another consultation or second opinion, a patient should not incur additional charges for another physician’s reading of the same test or scan.

The appropriate value of a personal injury case cannot be determined without a thorough understanding of the medical records and billing. The overall medical expenses associated with a bodily injury claim are generally factored in by insurance companies when calculating a payout. Nevertheless, if the total medical records and bills include inflated charges or multiple charges for a single treatment, this may lead to insurance carriers and defense counsel disputing claims.

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