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Some patients are referred from one specialist to another, trying to find an answer to their problem. This can often take weeks or months with no real solutions. Many modalities are used at the Tennant Institute, including modern Biomodulator therapy. The most modern Biomodulator therapy comes from the Tennant Biomodulator PLUS, which has been used for 23 years.

Patients often use the Tennant Biomodulator to control chronic pain. Chronic pain can occur due to a car accident or other traumatic accidents. If you or a family member is coping with chronic pain following an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our injury lawyers at (916) 921-6400 for free, friendly advice. Our experienced attorneys can advocate for you during settlement negotiations to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What is the Tennant Biomodulator?

The Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS is a medical device created by Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, who developed the device after researching similar Russian biofeedback devices. It has newer frequencies not seen on the older biofeedback devices or on devices in play today. In fact, it is a patent-pending biofeedback device. Similar biofeedback devices have been used in Russian clinics and hospitals since the 1980s. The biofeedback devices were declared to be a military secret until perestroika. The manufacturers and inventors created a patent for the device, and it became available to makers of the equipment in the West. Western inventors begin working with the advice following the lead of the Russian scientists.

How is the Biomodulator Used?

The Biomodulator makes use of biofeedback and neuromodulation. By allowing the release of nitric oxide, endorphins, and neuropeptides by the body, increasing ATP in the cells. Nitric acid helps dilate the blood cells better. Cells are given energy using ATP, the energy molecule of the cells. The Biomodulator gives the cells that the cells are lacking. When restored to their average bodily energy, it can begin to heal itself, causing vascular dilation and blood circulation. It aids in wound healing, treatment of diabetic neuropathy, and peripheral circulation. Microcurrent signals are sent throughout the body.

Side Effects of the Biomodulator

Visible responses through this technique include reddening skin, numbness, and feeling magnetically attached to the device. There is a change in the numeric readout in the device. There is a lightning-fast processor. It is a portable device that can be used on any body part.

In the video below, Dr. Jerry Tennant discusses the importance of the Tennant Biomodulator and how the therapy is applied to restore health and wellness.

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