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Boat Accidents

boat accidents

Boat Accident in the Sacramento Delta – In a highly disputed matter involving the clear negligent operation of a speeding boat, at night, by a highly intoxicated operator under the legal drinking age, our office, after working with top experts in the field, was successful in obtaining the full $300,000 insurance policy limits for the operator of the stationary boat hit by the drunk driver. In addition, we obtained $10,000.00 from the DUI driver’s boat owner, and, despite the lack of insurance coverage for the DUI driver, we obtained $45,000.00 in settlement from that individual personally. Our client sustained tragic and severe injuries when flung from the DUI driver’s boat on impact in the Tracy Slough, where he hit the rocky banks and nearly died. We were further successful in essentially eliminating the need for Our client to repay his medical insurers.

Boat Accident on the Sacramento River – This case involved complicated injuries to our client’s right knee which ultimately required surgery and which resulted in her facing a lifetime problem of a higher chance of developing “deep venous thrombosis” as the result of the crush injury which occurred when our client was attempting to stop a boat, traveling in reverse, from hitting another boat. At the moment of impact, the boat’s operator started the motor, in reverse, causing the two vessels to collide and partially crush our client’s leg. Through the use of noted experts in the Maritime Law field, and through diligent discovery efforts by our office, we were able to resolve this case for $160,000.00 and entirely eliminate our client’s need to repay her medical providers – despite contentions by the defense that our client, had assumed the risk of injury by stepping out onto the swim platform and trying to stop the two vessels from hitting.