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Cameron Park Bicycle Accident Lawyer


Cameron Park is a great place to ride a bike, and people across the state increasingly use bicycles as a regular means of transportation. Furthermore, riding a bike has some great benefits, like exercising, paying less for gas, reducing emissions, and enjoying the open air and beautiful scenery of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Even though most bicyclists wear protective gear and practice defensive biking techniques, riding a bike always presents the risk of suffering a severe injury during an accident.

As a Cameron Park bicycle accident lawyer, it’s my job to help people hurt in bicycle accidents recover the compensation they need to cover their damages and move forward with their lives.

Bicycle Accidents in El Dorado County

According to reports from local police agencies, including the California Highway Patrol (CHP), there were 7,247 traumatic auto accidents in El Dorado County between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2019. Of these collisions, 241 involved bicyclists, meaning around 3.3 percent of El Dorado County auto accidents involved a bicycle.

Over this period, El Dorado County bicycle accidents caused 248 injuries and cost six people their lives. Furthermore, around one-third of bicycle accidents across the county happened on a highway, while the remainder occurred on county or municipal roadways.

Common Cyclist Injuries

If you’d like to learn a little more about the most common types of bicycle accident injuries, you can watch this helpful video:

Recoverable Damages

A bicycle accident injury can have a significant impact on your life. Not only do crash survivors frequently need to pay for extensive medical treatments, but they also often suffer a temporary or possibly even permanent loss of income. Fortunately, these losses can frequently be recovered by filing a personal injury claim against at-fault parties and insurance companies.

However, these cases can be very complicated, and liable parties may attempt legal defense to avoid paying compensation for damages. For these reasons, having an experienced Cameron Park bicycle accident lawyer is critical. Furthermore, it’s best to call an attorney right away. If your lawyer can start working on your case early on, they will be more able to handle your injury claim effectively.

Finding A Trustworthy Attorney

Injury cases can be significant for accident survivors and their families. Because these cases are so critical, you should always research and ensure that the lawyer you hire is an effective advocate. Thankfully, getting in touch with a qualified lawyer is easy if you know what to search for. Key things to look for in an attorney include:

  • History – You should know that your attorney has had previous success with cases like yours. The best way to learn about your attorney’s history is to examine their verdicts and settlements. If you cannot find these online, your lawyer should be happy to tell you about their previous successes.
  • Reputation – Your lawyer should have a good reputation. It’s easy to find out if an attorney is well-respected by looking them up online. You can see unbiased ratings and reviews about most attorneys by checking out review sites like Avvo or Yelp.
  • Resources – Taking on a crash involving a significant injury can take time and money. It would help if you were sure that your lawyer has the resources to do everything they can to fight for your right to compensation. An excellent way to check for this is to ask your lawyer if they would be comfortable taking your case to trial.
Contact a Cameron Park Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

If you’ve suffered a severe injury during a bicycle accident, contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Cameron Park bicycle accident lawyers at (800) 404-5400 or (530) 392-9400. We can review your case and provide free, friendly advice anytime.

Our law firm has been helping people in the Cameron Park area since 1982. Throughout this time, we’ve been able to help many people claim fair payments through settlements and verdicts

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