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Causation of Brain Injuries

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Causation of Brain Injuries

Organic brain injury is used synonymously with dementia, but that isn’t exactly correct. Organic brain disease is the general term for decreased mental function due to any medical disease except a psychiatric illness. Organic Brain syndrome can happen due to trauma such as a slip and fall or an assault or due to a motor vehicle crash. Such an injury can also be caused by a lack of oxygen during birth. Other causes of organic brain syndrome can be blood clots, concussions, strokes, cardiovascular difficulties, or severe infections. Often, the cause of a brain injury may be disputed. Biomechanics, neuropsychologists and other experts can help establish the true cause.

A neuropsychologist often collects extensive medical records of the patient as well as all records of testing and performance during school years. As a result of that, he or she can establish a baseline of how the patient was before the trauma.

In conjunction with a neuropsychological test battery, the neuropsychologist can then testify if the trauma, more probably than not, caused the brain injury.