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Chainsaw Accidents

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Chainsaw Accidents

Chainsaw Accidents

Chainsaw accidents are among the deadliest accidents to occur due to the misuse of power tools. Chainsaws are commonly used by professional loggers, construction workers, landscapers, and even individuals interested in doing work around their own homes.

These accidents cause catastrophic injuries and, oftentimes, death. Most chainsaw accidents are entirely preventable. However, due to the negligence of another, victims suffer unexpected and painful injuries that may cause debilitating disabilities.

Chainsaw Accident and Injury Statistics

Each year, just shy of 40,000 people are injured in chainsaw accidents. The vast majority of these accidents involve injuries to extremities like legs and knees.

Chainsaws are extremely sharp – they are comprised of motorized blades that rotate too fast for the eye to see. The sheer power behind a chainsaw makes it an extremely difficult power tool to use. Due to the sharpness of the blades, the hefty weight, and the heavy-duty motor engine, chainsaw injuries are particularly gruesome. The average chainsaw injury requires a whopping 110 stitches.

Over two-thirds of all injuries occur to the upper leg, knee, calf, and hands. In addition, the head, torso, and feet also commonly sustain injuries. Most injuries occur on-the-job, and worker’s compensation insurance is responsible for paying approximately 30% of all chainsaw-related medical bills.

How We Can Help

Our lawyers at AutoAccident.com can help if you have been injured by a chainsaw. We understand how unexpected and utterly traumatic a sudden and devastating injury can be. Our attorneys have worked closely on a variety of negligence and civil lawsuits in northern California, and over the past 20 years, we have become a family – a family dedicated to providing other families ravaged by accidents. We believe in treating each client like a close and dear friend, providing customized and personalized attention to detail for each and every case. Our unique approach truly puts the ‘personal’ in personal injury law.

Safe Operation of Chainsaws

When you operate a chainsaw, whether you are at work or home, you should follow a few safety rules in order to prevent accidents. We recommend the following:

  • Wear leather chaps, steel-toe boots, gloves, eye protection, hearing protection, and a hard hat
  • Read the owner’s manual
  • Follow all operating instructions
  • Take a chainsaw safety and operation course
  • Choose a chainsaw that is fitting for the job and that you can properly control
  • File and sharpen the blade
  • Keep the motor clear of dirt and debris
  • Have a buddy present in case of an accident
  • Do not airdrop – holding the saw with one hand and the cord with the other, then dropping the saw in order to start it
Common Causes of Chainsaw Accidents

Chainsaws are inherently dangerous tools. Despite the risks associated with operating these deadly machines, California law does not require a special license or formal training in order to own or operate a chainsaw.

Chainsaw accidents are commonly caused by:

  • Chainsaw “kick-back” – when the teeth of the blade get caught on something, causing the chainsaw to jerk back and injure you on the face, neck, shoulder, arm or upper torso
  • Lack of proper warnings on the chainsaw
  • Lack of proper instruction manual
  • Untrained or unskilled operators
  • Faulty motors
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