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Chronic Vision Concerns and Impact on Driving

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Chronic Vision Concerns and Impact on Driving

Chronic Vision Concerns

It is no secret that it is a challenge to drive without the ability to see clearly; however, one of the problems with vision is that many people do not realize that they have trouble seeing until it is too late. If someone drives without the ability to see clearly, they are at an increased risk of being involved in a car accident. This is where chronic vision concerns can significantly impact someone’s ability to drive a motor vehicle safely.

An Overview of Chronic Vision Problems: Glaucoma

A recent research study was published in an optic journal that discussed one of the most common chronic vision problems, glaucoma, and its impact on someone’s ability to drive. When someone develops glaucoma, they suffer damage to one (or more) of the critical nerves that supply vision, motor, and sensory function to the eye, called the optic nerve. As the optic nerve starts to sustain damage, it becomes difficult for people to see clearly. While people can receive early treatment and slow the progression of glaucoma, many don’t even realize they are suffering from glaucoma until someone points out that they are having trouble seeing. This delay in seeking treatment often means the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage. When people visit the eye doctor with glaucoma, detailed tests are run that determine just how severe their glaucoma is. One of the most common vision problems detected at the doctor’s office is a deficit in someone’s peripheral vision. This damage can make it difficult to see clearly and to sense changes in one’s surroundings.

Glaucoma and the Impact on Driving: Study Results

A team of medical professionals looked at all of the literature available in the electronic databases to determine whether glaucoma led to an increased risk of someone being involved in an auto accident. After a thorough search, they found that the studies assigned varying degrees of importance to the impact of glaucoma on someone’s ability to drive; however, the studies demonstrated that glaucoma does negatively impact someone’s ability to drive to some degree of severity. When someone suffers from glaucoma and loses peripheral vision, seeing what is going on alongside their vehicle is challenging. This failure to detect other vehicles (or pedestrians) on the road increases the chances of being involved in a car accident. After all, it is difficult to avoid something that someone never sees. The study concluded that more research is needed to explore the impact of glaucoma on car accidents. Specifically, do car accidents involving glaucoma increase the risk of sustaining traumatic injuries, such as bone fractures? Do they increase the risk of someone suffering a wrongful death? These are all questions that deserve to be answered.

Help with Vision and Car Crashes

Vision plays a vital role in someone’s ability to safely drive a car or a truck; glaucoma is one of many chronic vision diseases that someone might suffer from. Numerous others, such as macular degeneration and retinal detachment, can acutely impact someone’s driving abilities. If someone has been involved in a severe car crash, this can place their family under significant stress. Families could be left wondering how they will make ends meet when someone is in the hospital and unable to work. For help with the numerous issues that arise following a severe car accident, it is prudent to seek advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer. An attorney has been through these situations many times before and is equipped to help a family explore all the legal options available.

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