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Clearlake Truck Accident Lawyer


Clearlake is a relatively small town, but it serves as a hub for Lake County and is located on some of the region’s most traveled highways. For this reason, the city sees a significant amount of traffic on any given day, including a fair number of large commercial trucks. Because of their size, big rigs and other large trucks are likely to cause significant damages during accidents and present a severe risk to people in passenger vehicles, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and all roadway users.

As Clearlake Truck Accident Lawyers, we help people who have been seriously hurt in trucking accidents recover the compensation they deserve for their damages.

Focusing on Major Injuries

Our law firm focuses exclusively on cases that involve major or fatal injuries. For this reason, all of our attorneys are seasoned experts in major accident cases. This is important because these cases often involve large sums of money, and at-fault parties, including trucking companies, often put considerable resources into avoiding financial responsibility.

Because we have dealt with major accident cases for so long, we know how to best investigate accidents, prepare strong cases, and conduct negotiations and trials to ensure our clients receive the full compensation they need to move forward with their lives after serious accidents.

The “Personal” Personal Injury Lawyers

We have worked as a Clearlake truck accident lawyer for nearly four decades and have gained a reputation among our peers and clients as the ‘Personal’ Personal Injury Lawyers.

That’s how we choose to operate our firm. We try to focus on fostering a personal connection with our clients and learning how their injuries have affected their lives. While many other attorneys choose to maintain strictly business-like relationships with clients, we find that learning more about our clients’ lives can be more effective advocates when arguing in court or negotiating with insurance companies.

Truck Accidents in Lake County

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) and other local traffic enforcement agencies, there were 3,457 injury-causing vehicle collisions in Lake County between the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2019. These collisions included 120 accidents involving a large truck. Lake County truck accidents caused 13 fatalities and 155 injuries during this period. Notably, these collisions had higher rates of fatal and severe accidents when compared to Lake County accidents overall.

Staying Safe While Driving Near Big Rigs

To learn more about staying safe while driving near large trucks, take a minute to watch this video:

The Impact of Accident Injuries

Suffering an injury during a truck accident can change your life. For many, recovering from an accident injury can take a long time, and in severe cases, collision survivors may be left with health issues that affect them for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, being hurt during an accident can cause major financial issues.

In many cases, truck accident injuries require extensive medical treatment. This treatment can include multiple surgeries, long-term physical therapy, and/or medication use. Additionally, people who’ve suffered injuries that affect their mobility or cognition may need to make expensive home changes to improve accessibility. People with severely impacted mobility or cognitive functioning may even need to hire in-home care. Furthermore, paying for all these things can be difficult or impossible for individuals who’ve lost their jobs due to injuries.

Altogether, crash survivors’ issues can leave them feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward.

Getting Help with Your Truck Accident Case

While the issues that crash survivors face are severe, it is possible to reach out for help. By working with a Clearlake truck accident attorney, many crash survivors can obtain compensation to cover all the damages described above. Furthermore, people can often get payments for lost income (past and future), medical bills (past and future), and other losses like damaged vehicles and personal suffering. This can be accomplished through filing a personal injury claim and holding at-fault parties and/or insurance companies financially responsible for collision damages.

Taking Quick Action

While people can often claim significant compensation through injury claims, truck accident survivors are disadvantaged. These vehicles are typically owned by large holding companies, and these groups are very aware of the risks involved in operating their businesses. This means that trucking companies are almost always ready to start building a legal defense as soon as accidents take place. Often, the company will send a legal response team to the accident site to conduct their investigations and take witnesses’ statements. Unfortunately, this can make claiming compensation difficult for injured parties.

To ensure you can hold these companies accountable, you must take quick action and contact an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the more effectively they can handle your case.

Clearlake Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or someone in your life suffered injuries in an accident involving a large truck, please contact our experienced Clearlake Truck Accident Lawyers for free, friendly legal advice at (800) 404-5400 and (707) 564-1900. Our law firm has been helping people in Clearlake with injury claims since 1982. We’ve been able to help many people obtain high-value settlements and verdicts.

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