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Pedestrian injury accidents are not uncommon in Concord. Its views of San Francisco Bay, stylish downtown area and tree-lined streets make it popular for those who are out for exercise, to run errands and just enjoy themselves. However, the risk of being involved in an accident with a negligent driver is sometimes inevitable. When this happens, contacting the best Concord pedestrian accident lawyer can help you get compensation to cover all your financial losses and reimburse you for your pain and suffering.

Recovering Compensation With the Help of a Concord Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

After they have been injured in a pedestrian accident, many Concord residents have obtained compensation by getting help from the injury attorneys at AutoAccident.com. We understand the stress you are under as you face your injury and the worry that comes with it as medical bills pile up and income is lost because you cannot work.  When a negligent driver or other entity caused your injury, you have the right to be compensated for it, and our pedestrian accident lawyers are here to ensure it happens.

How Do Pedestrian Accident Injuries Occur?

In many injury accidents, a negligent motorist or other entity is to blame instead of a pedestrian. Some of the major reasons a pedestrian accident occurs include the following:

  • The distracted driver may not see a pedestrian if they do not keep their eyes on the road. Major causes of distracted driving include texting, eating and drinking in the car, talking on a cell phone and changing the radio station.
  • Speeding: A speeding driver has a lower chance of controlling their vehicle and stopping in time to avoid an accident. Speed of impact also affects the severity of pedestrian accidents. If a driver travels at 25 mph, he or she is less likely to cause fatal injuries than a driver traveling at 40 mph. 
  • Drunk driving: Drivers under the influence are often unaware of their surroundings and don’t look out for pedestrians crossing the road. 
  • Failure to yield: A driver must yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and when exiting it. It is, however, all too frequently ignored, which leads to a pedestrian accident. 
  • Disobeying traffic signals: Drivers are required to obey traffic signals. However, running a red light and speeding are common causes of pedestrian accidents.
  • Maintenance and design are lacking: Each municipality has a road maintenance office. Making sure that pedestrians have enough time to cross the crosswalk and that the area is maintained and well-lit is part of this responsibility. The crosswalk must be well-designed and the crossing lights working. Governmental agencies can be sued in both cases if they do not comply. However, the process is different from normal personal injury proceedings. The filing deadline is shorter, and missing that date could result in the case not being heard by the court. A Concord pedestrian accident attorney will ensure that all documents are filed properly and on time.

In the video that follows, Concord pedestrian accident lawyer Ed Smith explains what an injured person should consider when choosing a lawyer to represent their case:

Recovering Compensation Following a Concord Pedestrian Accident

The following damages may be collected when a pedestrian is injured by a negligent motorist or other party, such as a city agency that is in charge of maintaining crosswalks:

  • Medical expenses: The accident-related medical costs are reimbursable. A wide variety of services are offered, including emergency room visits, diagnostic tests, hospital stays, surgery, and radiographic studies such as MRIs and CT scans.
  • Continuing care and rehabilitation: Inclusion in this category is physical therapy in rehab facilities, as well as outpatient physical therapy and assistive devices such as wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety can be caused by the traumatic effects of a pedestrian accident. Mental health services can address both of these issues. Costs for an individual counselor or psychologist are recoverable when professional treatment is required.
  • Modifications to the home: This category includes the cost of making the home accessible for a disabled person who has been injured. Accessible features include ramps, handrails, walk-in showers, and stairlifts. 
  • Loss of earnings: This can occur when the injured party cannot actively work for a certain period of time or permanently. Based on employment wage records, a pedestrian accident attorney in Concord can calculate the amount. Your tax records or client verification of monetary earnings are used if you work as a freelancer or are self-employed.
  • Loss of employment benefits:  Compensation for lost employment benefits is accounted for in the total loss.
  • Reduced income potential: This value is calculated and reflects what could have been the person’s income if not for the injury.
  • Suffering and pain: Trauma severity varies according to each case. It includes not only the pain a person endures after an accident but also their anxiety, sorrow and loss of society.
Recovery of Punitive Damages

A pedestrian accident lawyer from Concord may request punitive damages when filing a lawsuit against a negligent party in California if the injury was particularly egregious. Unlike compensatory damages for medical care or lost wages, this does not compensate the injured person. They are instead meant to punish the negligent party. 

Punitive damages are intended to prevent the person from committing the same egregious act again while signaling a warning to others that they can face serious financial consequences by such behavior. Rather than specifying an exact amount, the lawsuit may ask for punitive damages from the judge/jury. 

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