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traumatic brain injury (TBI) is devastating and can impact the individual and his or her entire family. Sometimes, people may not perform simple tasks, making it hard to attend school, work, and provide for their families. A TBI can range from relatively minor to total neurologic devastation like other injuries. Some people may never regain the quality of life they once enjoyed. Because of this, learning some basic information about head and brain injuries is essential.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Common Causes

There are a few common ways in which people sustain a TBI. Some of these include:

  • Fall Injuries: Among the most common causes, slip and fall accidents could lead to severe head injury. Whether this occurs on a wet floor, an icy sidewalk, or even during a tumble down the stairs, any blow to the head could result in a TBI.
  • Auto Accidents: Auto accidents are another common cause of traumatic brain injuries. The rapid changes in momentum during a motor vehicle collision could cause someone to strike their head on the steering wheel, window, or dashboard. Rollover accidents and vehicular ejections could also lead to a head injury.
  • Sports Injuries: Contact sports such as football, soccer, and basketball could also result in a traumatic brain injury. Concussions can lead to long-term health consequences.

After suffering a blow to the head, people might wonder about their injury’s severity. There are several signs that individuals might require the attention of a medical professional.

Common Symptoms of a Head Injury

Head injuries might not always lead to immediate symptoms, so everyone needs to monitor their health closely. Some of the most common symptoms of a head or brain injury include:

  • A severe, unremitting headache
  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
  • Altered mental status, confusion, or disorientation
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Tinnitus, which refers to ringing in the ears

Some of the more severe symptoms indicative of a medical emergency could include the following:

  • Changes in vision or hearing
  • Abnormal movements of the eyes
  • Difficulty remembering past events or forming new memories
  • Emotional irritability with rapid swings from anger to sadness
  • Shooting pains down the arms or legs
  • Seizures
  • Paralysis
  • Trouble breathing

Like other injuries, some people might experience all of these symptoms, while others might not show any signs at all. Unfortunately, even with treatment, some people might experience permanent complications due to injury.

Serious Complications Could Follow a Traumatic Brain Injury

After being diagnosed with a head injury, several serious complications might result. These complications could last for the rest of someone’s life. Some of the most severe complications are:

  • Dementia: Those diagnosed with a TBI are at serious risk of developing early-onset dementia. This could cause someone to forget the names and faces of their loved ones, leading to confusion, emotional swings, and long-term health consequences.
  • Paralysis: Depending on the location of the brain lesion, this could result in the paralysis of one or more limbs. The inability to use the arms and/or legs severely impacts someone’s quality of life.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Those who suffer a TBI in a traumatic accident are also at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This could lead to various mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, impacting relationships with family members and friends.

The following video explains traumatic brain injuries and how they are treated with new technology and treatments.

Corning Brain Injury Lawyers

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