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Crescent City Wrongful Death Lawyer


Losing a loved one unexpectedly is devastating, no matter how it happens, and the feeling is worse when the death is caused by someone else’s negligence. Surviving family members face grief, anger, guilt, depression, denial, and other emotions as they try to cope with the loss.

A wrongful death lawsuit can help families recover compensation for losing their loved ones. Our compassionate personal injury lawyers at AutoAccident.com have successfully supported families in recovering the damages they deserve since 1982.

If you lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, reach out to our experienced Crescent City wrongful death lawyers at (707) 564-1900 to discuss your legal options. Our injury attorneys can advise you if taking legal action against the negligent party makes sense.

What is Recoverable in a Wrongful Death Claim?

If you decide to pursue a wrongful death claim, you are entitled to the following economic and non-economic damages:

  • Burial expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of the decedent’s future earnings
  • Loss of a partner or companion
  • Loss of guidance and mentorship
  • Medical expenses
What Must Be Proved in a Wrongful Death?

To prove a wrongful death claim, four factors must be shown. They are:

  • The negligent party owed a duty of care to the victim killed in the accident.
  • The at-fault person did not display a duty of care.
  • Because of the negligent actions, the victim lost their life.
  • The family of the decedent suffered financial damages because of the loss.
Why Do I Need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

It is best to speak to a wrongful death lawyer to understand all available legal options. Most personal injury and wrongful death attorneys offer a free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose meeting with an attorney.

Hiring an accident lawyer makes sense for obtaining a fair settlement from the negligent party’s insurance company. Filing a wrongful death suit, dealing with the insurance company, and negotiating with a claims adjuster can be overwhelming, especially if you are still grieving the loss of your loved one.

A wrongful death attorney can handle the legal procedure, including conducting a thorough investigation of the accident and negotiating with the insurance company to reach the satisfactory settlement you deserve.

Watch the following YouTube video to learn more about wrongful death claims.

What Should I Look For in a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Who you choose to take on your claim can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. If you hire a lawyer with extensive experience and a reputation as a top-notch litigator, you will have a greater chance of obtaining a fair settlement. However, if you retain a lawyer with little experience who has never stepped foot inside a courtroom, there is a bigger chance the insurance company will take advantage of the situation and offer a lowball settlement.

Below are four essential questions when selecting a wrongful death lawyer for your case.

  • Is the attorney compassionate to your situation?
  • Did the lawyer take the time to explain all the legal options to you?
  • Does the attorney have a reputation as a quality litigator?
  • Has the lawyer successfully taken a wrongful death case to court with a favorable outcome?
Will My Case Settle in Court?

Most personal injury and wrongful death cases are settled outside of court. However, a trial may be necessary if the insurance company makes a lowball settlement offer or contests liability. If this happens, you will need an experienced trial attorney to file a claim, draft necessary pleadings, and take depositions.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Crescent City, CA

Losing a loved one is always devastating, but the pain is multiplied when the loss is sudden and totally unexpected. If you have lost a family member in a preventable accident, call our experienced Crescent City wrongful death attorneys for free, friendly advice at (707) 564-1900 or (800) 404-5400. The consultation is always free. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning even if we take your case, you owe us nothing until we successfully win your case.

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