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Brain Injury

While someone may have to visit a medical provider for many reasons, few injuries are more severe than traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These can leave people permanently disabled, impacting the patient and their loved ones.

Knowing you have options is essential if you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident caused by negligence. Call our Del Paso Heights brain injury lawyers at (916) 921-6400 for a free consultation.

How Does a Traumatic Brain Injury Happen?

One of the first questions many people ask when they have suffered a traumatic brain injury is how it occurred. Unfortunately, there are many different ways that a patient could develop an injury such as this. Some of the common mechanisms are:

  • Auto Accident: This is one of the most common ways a patient could wind up with a traumatic brain injury. The seat belt restrained the body in a car accident; however, the patient’s head was not. In a crash, the car suddenly stops when it collides with another object; however, the head moves forward at high speed. Brain damage could result if it hits the dashboard, steering wheel, or window.
  • Sports: It’s no secret that football has spent a significant amount of time in the spotlight due to the risk of head injuries; however, this is far from the only sport that could lead to brain damage. A patient could suffer a concussion playing basketball, football, or any sport where a fall or a collision with another player is possible. Athletes must wear protective gear when they take the field or court.
  • Physical Assault: Brain injuries can also result from a physical assault. This could be a blunt injury, such as from a baseball bat or a golf club, or from a penetrating wound, such as a gunshot or a stabbing. All of these mechanisms could leave someone permanently disabled.
What Does the Medical Care Look Like?

When a patient has symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, they will first have their history taken by a medical professional. This will involve a detailed description of the symptoms, including their development.

Patients will then receive imaging of their head through either a CT scan or an MRI to look at the structure of the brain tissue underneath. After this, treatment could involve anything from medications to surgery and everything in between. Many patients will require physical therapy in the long term to try and return to their baseline.

Moving Forward: The Future

Unfortunately, the medical costs of a traumatic brain injury can be pretty high. Even patients with health insurance could be forced to pay a substantial deductible or reach their lifetime cap, leaving the family on the hook for the remaining cost. There could also be coinsurance costs to be paid. If insurance claims are denied, this only adds to the stress that the patient could be feeling.

In these situations, contacting an experienced legal professional can be helpful. They can help with the paperwork, fight the insurance companies, and take legal action if necessary. By removing this stress, the patient and their loved ones can focus on the medical side of the recovery process.

The video below discusses how traumatic brain injuries are treated with new technology and treatments.

Brain Injury Lawyers in Del Paso Heights, CA

If you or someone you care about has suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, please contact our experienced Del Paso Heights brain injury lawyers for compassionate, free, and friendly advice. You can reach us at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. Learn more about us. See our past verdicts and settlements.

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