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To travel any distance from Denair, a driver probably must take one of the many highways surrounding the area. Drivers commonly see them along State Routes 99 and 132 as elsewhere. However, the increased truck traffic and added congestion amplify the risk of colliding with these big commercial vehicles. If this happens and you are injured, you may be able to claim compensation with the help of a Denair injury lawyer.

The Legal Team at AutoAccident.com Can Help

Our team of injury lawyers at AutoAccident.com has assisted many people in Stanislaus County in obtaining fair compensation. We work hard to get the compensation you deserve because we believe it’s difficult enough to be injured by someone else’s negligence. You shouldn’t have to pay for your hospital bills and lost wages and endure your pain and suffering without compensation. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to answer your questions, review your case, and tell you the options available to collect damages.

Negligence That Can Cause a Truck Accident Injury

To collect injury compensation following an accident with a big rig or another commercial vehicle, it must be shown that negligence by the other party or company was the cause. Following are some of the common reasons these accidents occur:

  • Improper loading: If a truck trailer is improperly loaded or overloaded, it can lead to a rollover accident, a jackknife, or make the driver lose control. Improper loading can shift the cargo in the trailer while overloading it, resulting in disastrous results.
  • Speeding: Speeding is dangerous in any vehicle but can be disastrous when a big rig driver does it. Unfortunately, sometimes, the driver faces a delivery schedule that is too tight or gets stuck in traffic. This can cause the trucker to speed, which increases the risk of a severe accident or override collision, often fatal to others.
  • Distracted driving: Spending long hours on the road can be tiresome for anyone, and truckers are no exception. Changing a radio station, accessing GPS, texting, and talking on a cell phone while driving can cause a collision.
  • Fatigued driving: Fatigue is a real problem with truck drivers. They are under state and federal regulations on how long they can be behind the wheel of their vehicle and have obligations to make deliveries on time. Unfortunately, a fatigued driver becomes a danger to others sharing the roadway and may not react quickly enough to prevent a collision.
  • Using drugs to stay alert: Companies often check a new hire for drug abuse, but truckers often use amphetamines or other substances to remain cautious on the road longer. However, over-the-counter or illicit drug use can have the opposite effect.
  • Company negligence: Trucking companies can be at fault for some accidents. Due to a prolonged truck driver shortage, owners may be tempted to hire someone who isn’t qualified to handle a big rig or has enough experience. In addition, some trucking companies push their drivers to make deliveries faster and bend the rules. Maintenance of the vehicles can be an additional problem. Mechanical problems with the brakes, steering, engine, or others can cause a severe accident.
  • Manufacturing problems: Defects in a big rig can lead to a severe collision. Bad brakes, tires, wiring, or accelerator pads can cause an accident. In these cases, the manufacturer of the defective part may be held responsible through an auto product liability lawsuit.
Recoverable Damages Following a Denair Truck Accident

When your Denair truck accident attorney determines that the truck driver or company that employs them was negligent and caused your injuries, you may be able to obtain compensation for the following:

  • Recovery of medical expenses: Any medical costs arising from your accident injury can be recovered. This includes the ambulance fee, hospitalization, testing, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation expenses. Even your out-of-pocket expenses, such as the gas you use to visit the doctor, are recoverable.
  • Lost wages: Because a collision with a big truck can result in serious injuries, the injured party is often off work for a long time while hospitalized and recuperating. When they lose that paycheck, it can cause enormous stress for the injured person and for their family. However, by filing a personal injury claim against the negligent truck driver or company, the injured party can recover their lost wages, any bonuses, insurance, pension, and other perks of the job. If the injury is expected to continue, those expenses are factored into the settlement.
  • Recovery of damages for your pain and suffering: In addition to reimbursement for your physical pain, many people involved in a traumatic collision suffer emotional and psychological problems. These can include sleepless nights or nightmares, anxiety, fear of riding in a vehicle, and others. The cost can be recovered when the individual has to seek professional care for post-traumatic stress disorder.

In the following video, Denair Truck Accident Lawyer Ed Smith discusses what injuries can occur in a collision with a big truck.

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Injuries caused by a collision with a big rig can be severe, but you may be able to place a claim to recover the damages you deserve. Call our experienced Denair truck accident attorneys at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400 for free and friendly advice. We will review your claim, answer your questions, and tell you what options are available for you to collect damages. If you prefer, you can contact us online. Find out how we’ve helped others and see cases we’ve handled on our Settlements and Verdicts page.

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