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Diagnosis of Brain Injury

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Diagnosis of Brain Injury

Severe traumatic brain injuries are often self-evident, but the signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can easily be missed when other physical injuries are present. This is especially common in the case of motor vehicle accidents and there is no open wound to signal that a traumatic brain injury has occurred.

In the event of a mild brain injury, the diagnosis may not occur until well after the accident, when the victim starts to have difficulties in performing once routine and easy tasks.

Certain injuries in specific locations of the brain will cause certain symptoms. Frontal lobe injuries can cause one to lose their higher cognitive functions. A cerebellum injury can cause some loss of coordination and balance. An injury to the brainstem can cause problems with heart rate, breathing, and arousal.

Methods of Diagnosis

There are many different methods used to diagnose a traumatic brain injury. Below is a list of the methods that include links to explanations about those methods.