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Large commercial truck accidents occur across the state of California, including Discovery Bay. While they may occur because of various causal factors, all of them often have one thing in common: driver error. Given that tractor-trailers may weigh about 80,000 pounds, those in passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, or even on foot are no match for a big rig. Some of the most catastrophic injuries may be suffered in 18-wheeler crashes, from bone fractures and internal trauma to spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. You deserve fair compensation if you were injured or lost a loved one in a big rig crash in Contra Costa County or elsewhere in California. Fortunately, an experienced truck accident attorney can make that possible.

If you have suffered injuries in a big rig crash in Discovery Bay, know that you have rights and options for financial recovery. With free, friendly advice from one of our truck accident lawyers at our law firm, you can better understand your case. Call now at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400.

In the aftermath of a semi-truck crash, you may be faced with emotional, financial, and physical losses that may leave you stressed and unsure of what to do next. With decades of experience in commercial truck accident cases and California personal injury law, the attorneys at AutoAccident.com are here to guide you through this difficult time. Our goal is to ensure that things are made right for our clients in the form of fair financial compensation. We will utilize our experience, skills, and resources to make that possible. Remember that free, friendly case advice is only a phone call away, so do not delay in reaching out to our legal team today. You never have to worry about upfront fees as we work on a contingency basis. This means that costs of legal representation will be due at the successful resolution of a commercial truck accident case.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Big Rig Crashes?

A wide array of factors may lead to a large commercial truck accident, most of which are often attributed to unsafe practices by trucking companies and truckers. Some of the most common causes of tractor-trailer collisions involving negligence may include but are not limited to:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI)
  • Fatigue from not following Hours of Service (HOS) regulations
  • Improper truck driver screening or insufficient training
  • Speeding or driving too fast for road conditions
  • Trucks that are loaded past state and federal weight limits

An immediate and independent investigation into the incident is essential in big rig crash cases. An injury lawyer will have the knowledge to navigate the legal process and resources to consult with experts in the field to perform reconstructions of the collision to properly determine fault.

How to Protect Your Rights After a Truck Accident

It is essential to be prepared and know what steps to take after being involved in an 18-wheeler collision. You can protect your rights after a big rig crash by following these steps:

  • Seeking Medical Treatment: Any injuries from a big rig crash have the potential to worsen if medical attention is not sought immediately. That is why it is a good idea to get checked out by a physician at the emergency room or in-office right away. Any delay in medical care may exacerbate your condition or even cause the insurance adjuster to question your bodily injury claim.
  • Taking Down Eyewitness Contact Information: Eyewitnesses and their statements are essential to a tractor-trailer wreck case and establishing fault. Their observations may help piece together how the crash occurred. If there were any eyewitnesses to the incident, try to take down their contact information if possible.
  • Filing a Police Report: Call the police to have a traffic incident report taken at the scene. This will strengthen your case as officials will conduct their own investigation into the truck accident based on the information that is provided to them.
  • Collecting Evidence at the Scene: Evidence will be needed to demonstrate negligence on the part of the truck driver and trucking company after a crash. The evidence that should be gathered at the scene should include photos of the damage to the vehicles involved in the collision, physical injuries, and the accident scene. Remember that letters of preservation of evidence must also be sent to the trucking company immediately before evidence is lost or destroyed over time.
  • Keeping Up with Medical Appointments: Skipping appointments for medical treatment related to injuries suffered in a large commercial truck accident may prompt the insurance company to dispute the claim and argue that the traumatic injuries are unrelated to the incident. That is why it is essential to attend medical appointments as needed and follow directives from the doctor.
  • Retaining Legal Counsel: Waiting too long to contact an accident attorney will only favor the insurance carriers and trucking companies. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the better. A skilled Discovery Bay truck accident lawyer can also help you understand your rights and options if you believe that the tractor-trailer collision was misrepresented in some way by the other side and in the police report.
What Types of Damages are Available in Truck Accident Cases?

Under California law, claimants may seek damages when they have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in an accident caused by the negligence of another party or entity. These may include:

  • Economic Damages: Specific financial losses associated with an accident are referred to as economic damages. Depending on the facts and circumstances of the case, a claimant may seek recovery of past and future costs of medical treatment, wage loss, lost future earning potential because of permanent injury or disability, property damage, and out-of-pocket expenses. In a wrongful death case, surviving family members may seek costs of funeral and burial services, future lost earnings, loss of benefits, and more. Expenses for end-of-life medical care may also be sought through a survival action.
  • Non-Economic Damages: While economic damages reflect monetary losses, non-economic damages are intended to assign a quantifiable value to the intangible harms that were suffered because of the semi-truck crash. These may include pain and suffering, lost quality of life, mental anguish, and loss of consortium. Conversely, a wrongful death claim may seek compensation for mental anguish and the loss of companionship, care, and protection. Since non-economic damages are subjective in nature, they often tend to differ in value from case to case.
  • Punitive Damages: Exemplary damages or punitive damages may only be sought in those cases involving egregious conduct like excessive speeding or drunk driving. Remember that exemplary damages are separate from economic and non-economic damages and serve the sole purpose of punishing the other side for their egregious actions. Punitive damages also work to make an example out of the defendant that such conduct will not be tolerated in the Discovery Bay community.
Is There a Time Limit for Filing a Lawsuit for a Commercial Truck Accident?

In most situations, the statute of limitations for a personal injury or wrongful death case arising from a big rig crash is generally two years from the date of the incident. This is outlined in the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1. This means that the claim must be settled with the other side within that period, or a lawsuit must be filed in civil court before the two-year statute of limitations expires. Keep in mind that the deadline may be shortened to six months in cases where a public agency is named as a defendant, as stated in the California Government Code Section 911.2. Regardless of the circumstances involved, the sooner you hire an experienced truck accident lawyer in Discovery Bay to handle your case, the better. For additional details on how soon you should contact an attorney to discuss your big rig crash case, watch this video.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Big Rig Crash Case?

When you have been involved in a crash involving a commercial vehicle, it is often challenging to navigate the claims process. This is especially true if a big rig is involved. That is because truck drivers carry commercial insurance policies that are intended to protect them and the trucking company. Given that the stakes are often substantial for insurers, it is expected that defense counsel will be hired to dispute the case as a way of protecting their profit margins.

In situations like these, it is crucial to have a Discovery Bay truck accident attorney at your side with experience in handling commercial vehicle cases. A lawyer that is well-versed in the state and federal regulations that oversee the trucking industry may work to your benefit in your case. Your attorney will know the best way to proceed with building a strong case for full and fair compensation on your behalf. The best part about retaining legal counsel is that you can rest assured knowing that all aspects of your claim will be handled while you focus on healing and being with your family.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Discovery Bay

A big rig crash may happen out of nowhere and remain with you for the remainder of your lifetime, particularly if the incident left you with serious injuries. One moment you are driving to school or work, and the next, you may be dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of a large commercial truck accident. If you have been injured in this type of crash through no fault of your own, it is essential to know that help is available and is only a phone call away. Our legal team at AutoAccident.com is here to provide the compassion and guidance you need in this difficult time of your life. Get started now with free, friendly case advice by calling (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400.

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