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Dog Bite Injuries

dog bite injuries


Dog Bite Injury – We have obtained a $500,000 policy limit settlement for an elderly client who fell and suffered a significant head injury. This difficult, complex, and disputed liability case centered around two dogs tussling, and in the melee, our client lost her grip on her dog’s leash resulting in her losing her balance and falling. The Defense, in this case, argued no liability; it was unreasonable for our client to step on her dog’s leash to prohibit her dog from confronting the defendant’s approaching dog. As a result of our client stepping on the leash, she lost her balance and fell when the leash was pulled from under her foot. We successfully argued that the Emergency Doctrine applied in this situation and that the defendant should not escape liability because our client took whatever action she could to keep her dog restrained. Had the defendant not initially lost control of his dog, our client would not have been put in the situation that ultimately resulted in her fall. We employed Ron Berman, a prominent Southern California animal behavioral expert, to examine the defendant’s dog and, if necessary, provide expert testimony that the dog was not only improperly trained and behaviorally dangerous but defendant’s inability to reasonably control and restrain his dog ultimately led to our client’s fall and resulting injuries. We also employed a leading Gerontologist, G. Jay Westbrook, M.S., to testify to our client’s injuries and their effect on her, her husband’s, and her family’s lives. Mr. Westbrook was prepared to testify regarding the changes in our client’s activities of daily living and the functional and emotional changes resulting from her injuries. Both experts’ work contributed to the successful outcome of our client’s case.

Dog Bite Injuries – On December 15, 2020, in Rancho Cordova, CA, our client was enjoying her evening bike ride alongside her beloved Alaskan Husky through her normal evening ride in her neighborhood.  As she approached a home rounding a corner, she noticed a large Rottweiler mix sitting next to a tree.  Suddenly and without warning, the canine charged and attacked our client’s Husky. The owner of the home had negligently allowed her animal to escape the confines of her yard.  When our client attempted to separate and rescue her dog, the Rottweiler turned its attention to her and attacked her legs. Our client suffered horrific bites and wounds to both of her legs, ultimately requiring cosmetic scar revision surgery to completely correct as well as post-traumatic stress and anxiety.

Dog Bite Injury – Our client suffered the loss of leg tissue requiring a debridement of necrotic tissue.

Dog Bite Injury – Our client was in his front yard with his mother, brother, and small daughter. Our client’s mother had a small dog on a leash next to her. Our client’s neighbor exited the home with an unleashed dog that lunged to attack. Our client scooped up his mother’s dog in an attempt to protect it and in the process was violently bitten by the neighbor’s dog. Some of the injuries sustained to the client include a fracture of one his fingers, the dislocation of a joint in one of his hands, lacerations, cellulitis, and nerve damage. The policy limits associated with the negligent homeowner was $100,000.00. The case settled for policy limits. Medical bills were in excess of the policy limits and this office successfully reduced these bills allowing for the client to obtain a recovery.