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Dublin Bicycle Accident Lawyer


Officials in Dublin take biking seriously by offering a map of bike lanes, promoting safety and encouraging its citizens to take up this inexpensive and enjoyable means of transportation. Riders can even take their bikes along on the BART trains. However, bicycle accidents still happen and can cause traumatic injuries or fatalities. The negligence or disregard of the right of way by drivers causes injuries to bicyclists every year. If you become injured by another’s negligence, the Dublin bicycle accident lawyers at AutoAccident.com are here to help you recover compensation.

Are Bicycle Accidents a Real Danger?

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, 90 bicycle riders were injured or killed in accidents in Alameda County between 2017 and 2019. However, it is possible that the number of bicycle accidents may be much higher since many collisions are not reported yearly. If a motorist or entity has been negligent and the accident resulted in an injury or death, an experienced injury attorney can help file a claim.

Bicycle Accidents: Getting Help

With many years of experience, the Dublin bicycle accident attorneys at Autoaccident.com know how to secure the compensation that cyclists deserve after being injured in a cycling crash due to negligence. Injured in a bicycle collision? Our investigation can provide evidence you need to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering compensation.

How Negligence Causes Bicycle Accidents?

Understanding the causes of bicycle crashes will help you avoid them. Most bicyclist deaths occur outside intersections, and 45 percent happen after dark. Car accidents involving bicycle riders commonly include the following:

  • Rear-end crashes: Distracted or tailgating drivers may not be able to stop in time to avoid a rear-end crash with a cyclist. Forty percent of bicycle accidents are caused by rear-end collisions.
  • Right turns: It is common for drivers to forget about bicyclists when they make a right turn. Unless the motorist looks before turning when a bicyclist approaches the vehicle from the right, the car will end up directly in the cyclist’s path.
  • Sideswipes: Bicycle side-swipe accidents can be prevented by keeping three feet away from cyclists. Negligence occurs when this isn’t done, and an accident occurs.
  • Backing accidents: Drivers can cause collisions with cyclists when they cross into their path as they exit a driveway, side street, or alley. Because drivers don’t pay enough attention, they frequently miss seeing the rider.
  • Dooring: Accidents involving bicycles on busy streets tend to be dooring accidents. An accident that causes catastrophic injuries could result from the driver or a passenger opening the door of a parked vehicle without looking first for an oncoming bicyclist.
  • Intersections: A bicycle accident occurs at an intersection 42 percent of the time. It is common for bicycle lanes to be undesignated in some areas, which increases the risk of injuries for riders. Moreover, motorists turning right will cut into the bike lane too soon without looking for a rider.
Dublin Bicycle Accidents Are Often Caused by Driver Negligence

Many cyclists avoid accidents by riding responsibly. The vulnerability of bicycle riders makes them highly susceptible to severe injuries in accidents. There are several risky behaviors that drivers of passenger vehicles exhibit that can cause cyclists to be injured or killed:

  • Fatigue: If a driver is fatigued behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she can easily cause a collision involving a cyclist. Fatigue can result from untreated medical conditions, shifts with frequent schedule changes, or staying up late the night before.
  • Speed: The most common cause of bicycle accidents is speeding. Additionally, when a bicyclist is involved, higher speeds increase the risk of injuries and fatalities since the driver is not as likely to stop in an emergency.
  • Drunk driving: Many traffic accidents are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Due to the driver’s impaired judgment and poor reflexes, someone riding a bicycle may suffer serious injuries as a result.
  • Distractions: Drivers talking on their phones or texting while on the road are one of the leading causes of accidents. You can also be distracted while driving if you change the radio station, talk with passengers, or eat or drink.
What Is the Process of Investigating a Dublin Bicycle Collision?

Bicycle accident lawyers in Dublin can investigate their clients’ cases to find evidence supporting their compensation claims. Consequently, the lawyer will be able to build a strong case for recovering financial damages. We send investigators to the scene of the accident right away to interview witnesses and ensure that the police report is accurate. Evidence collected by us also includes:

  • Investigations involve accident reconstruction, which reveals the cause of a crash and indicates the driver’s negligence.
  • Drivers in California are required to maintain a three-foot distance from bicyclists. Investigators check to see if this law was violated.
  • Investigators review traffic surveillance and business cameras to find evidence of the accident.
  • An investigation may reveal road damage or negligence that caused the accident, and the government entity may be liable for damages. You should contact an injury lawyer to ensure your claim is placed within the statute of limitations because you only have six months to file.

Once we collect all the accident evidence, our lawyers can build a strong case for our client’s compensation claim. As a result, your lawyer can use this evidence to negotiate on the client’s behalf with the insurance company. The evidence can also be used in civil court since not all insurers cooperate and try to lower or deny claims.

You can learn how to select the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case in the video presented below by Dublin bicycle accident lawyer Ed Smith:

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