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The most dangerous motor vehicle crashes are those that involve big rigs. The overwhelming size, weight, and often hazardous loads of tractor-trailers are what make these accidents particularly dangerous. Trucking companies often have insurers working on their side to pay as little as possible on claims. Therefore, a commercial truck accident case may be challenging to navigate since it requires an immediate and comprehensive investigation of the incident. That is why it is essential to retain legal counsel immediately following a big rig crash in Dublin, California.

The best way to protect your rights after an 18-wheeler crash is to retain legal counsel. Our skilled Dublin truck accident attorneys can provide free, friendly case advice anytime. Call us today to learn how we can help with your case at (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400.

The trucking accident attorneys at AutoAccident.com have decades of experience handling big rig crash cases across California, including Dublin. We have the resources, skills, and knowledge to handle all details of a big rig crash case to obtain maximum financial recovery for our clients. With our personal injury law firm on your side, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Our legal team is available anytime to help and invites you to learn more about our services through a free consultation.

What Should You Do After a Big Rig Crash?

No one ever expects to be involved in an 18-wheeler wreck, and the ordeal may be stressful and overwhelming. Some of the steps you should take following the incident include:

  • Contact Officials: When involved in a big rig crash, contact the California Highway Patrol, Dublin Police Department, or other law enforcement agencies for assistance. Authorities will obtain a statement from the involved parties, investigate the incident, and provide their determination of fault. Be sure to request a copy of the traffic incident report once it is available.
  • Exchange Information: Without information on the involved parties, filing an insurance claim for damages may be challenging. When you exchange information, be sure to get the truck driver’s name, the trucking company that employed them (if they are not an independent contractor), insurance policy information, and the USDOT number on the big rig.
  • Gather Evidence: The evidence collected at the scene of an 18-wheeler collision is crucial for providing the basis for a claim. Try to take photos of the vehicles involved in the truck accident, including all areas of damage. It is also crucial to take pictures of accident-related injuries if they are visible.
  • Seek Medical Care: If you are involved in a big rig crash, your priority is to seek medical treatment for injuries. First responders and fire crews may treat and release you at the scene if they do not observe signs of severe trauma. However, do not take this as a final word on your condition. Some serious injuries may progress in severity. That is why it is crucial to seek immediate medical care and document symptoms with your primary care provider. The treating physician will determine the appropriate treatment for truck accident-related injuries moving forward.
  • Insurance Company: The insurance adjuster assigned to the trucking collision claim may contact you for a recorded statement or to sign documents. Avoid providing a recorded statement to the insurance carrier since anything you say may be used against you in your claim. Conversely, signing a release for a quick insurance settlement may prevent you from seeking additional damages. In either of these scenarios, politely decline and refer the claims adjuster to your Dublin truck accident attorney if you have one.
  • Contact an Attorney: It is in your best interest as an injured party or family of a decedent to contact a trucking accident lawyer following the incident. This early in your case, it may be challenging to understand how your injuries or the loss of a loved one will impact your life now and in the future. The insurer may see your vulnerability as an opportunity to make a quick settlement offer in hopes of you accepting without realizing the true extent of your losses. Protect your rights and retain legal counsel immediately.
Importance of Evidence in a Commercial Truck Accident Case

Evidence is attainable with the assistance of an experienced Dublin truck accident lawyer. An attorney will know the procedures for requesting records from various parties and put their skills and resources to work for your case. You can depend on your lawyer to obtain evidence, like video surveillance footage of the incident in the area and the black box (event data recorder) from the big rig. Remember that your accident attorney has a limited amount of time to secure evidence from the truck driver and trucking company through a preservation of evidence (spoliation) letter.

What Types of Compensation are Recoverable in an 18-Wheeler Collision Claim?

Big rig crashes can lead to traumatic and debilitating injuries that may impact all aspects of an individual’s life. Recovering compensation in these cases may help make an injured party whole again. Reimbursement for injuries and losses from a truck accident may include:

  • Economic Damages: Injuries from a semi-truck collision may be traumatic and life-changing. An injured party might seek reimbursement for past and future medical treatment if the incident occurred because of someone else’s negligence. If injuries kept a claimant temporarily or permanently out of work, they might seek reimbursement for lost wages and loss of future earnings. Other financial losses that are proven reasonable and necessary for accident-related injuries may be claimed for reimbursement.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages are subjective and abstract. This means non-economic damages do not have an easily identifiable value and differ from case to case. In a truck accident claim, non-economic damages may include loss of consortium, diminished quality of life, mental anguish, scarring or disfigurement, and pain and suffering. A skilled Dublin truck accident attorney may work with expert witnesses to place a value on non-economic damages. Watch this video for information on how soon you should contact a lawyer.

Are Punitive Damages Recoverable in a Big Rig Crash Case?

While rare, punitive damages may be available in a trucking collision case. These serve as an example of the defendant and their egregious conduct. Punitive damages may be sought in cases involving DUI, excessive speeding, and other forms of extreme recklessness and complete disregard for the safety of others.

Contact a Trucking Accident Attorney in Dublin, CA Today

Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to securing successful verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. When you turn to us for assistance, our Dublin truck accident lawyers will investigate the crash and work with you to understand the present and future effects of the incident on your life. Learn more about our services and how we can help by calling (925) 428-5220 or (800) 404-5400. Our personal injury attorneys can provide free, friendly advice on your potential case anytime.

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