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Economic Losses in TBI Cases

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Economic Losses in TBI Cases

Traumatic brain injuries can sometimes be an overwhelming financial burden to those who suffer such injuries as well as to their families. Someone who suffers a craniotomy to relieve a subdural bleed may eventually be rendered a quadriplegic. They may require attendant care throughout their life. Medical expenses alone will be in the Seven to Eight figure range for a younger person.
Often, people suffer what appears to be minor injuries but over time, friends, relatives and coworkers notice that something is different and that cognitively they are forgetting things or taking longer to perform their jobs at work. This person may have suffered a “mild” brain injury, but even this so called minor injury can have devastating consequences.
These “mild” brain injuries can have devastating vocational effects. The injured individuals can lose their jobs or have a diminished work life
In both scenario’s above, an experienced brain injury lawyer will have to hire the correct experts to understand and project the lifetime losses.
These experts will include neurologists and neuropsychologists, sometimes physical therapists and speech therapists, psychologists, and vocational counselors, economists and life care planners.
In other words, the trial and processing of these cases is expensive. Oftentimes, clients with brain injuries are off work and unable to support themselves.. They may also lack money or insurance for treatment that can help them.
It’s important that the attorney hired helps these people in every way possible until their cases is either settled or heard by a jury. An experienced brain injury attorney will do his or her utmost to do so.