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While many dogs are friendly and docile, some are vicious and potentially dangerous to the general public. An attack by a large dog against a child, jogger, bicyclist, etc., can be hazardous and even life-threatening.

Approximately 1,000 people are bitten by a dog daily and require emergency medical treatment. Nearly 10,000 people are hospitalized yearly due to a dog bite injury. Dog bite injury claims are responsible for over one-third of all liability claims filed through homeowner’s insurance policies in 2016. That translates to a cost of over $600 million. As you can see, dog bite attacks and injuries are pretty common and can be deadly serious.

If you or a loved one was injured in a dog attack and have been mauled or bitten, you have a right under California law to seek a financial recovery for your harm and losses.

Common Injuries Suffered in a Dog Attack

Among the most common types of injuries from dog bites include lacerations, abrasions, and disfigurement, including scars, puncture wounds, broken bones, and even amputation. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 1 out of every 5 dog bites becomes infected if that is not bad enough.

Victims of vicious animal attacks can also endure severe emotional and psychological trauma. For example, some victims may develop a phobia of dogs due to the attack. This is especially true when the victim is a child.

Dog Owner is Responsible for Dog Bite Injuries

California has a strict standard in place for owners of dogs that attack and bite people. Many states follow what is known as the “one-bite rule.” This rule basically states that if a dog owner did not know and had no reason to know their dog had the propensity to bite someone, they could avoid civil liability; however, in California, owners are liable for the injuries caused by their dogs. Owners is liable even if they had no idea their dog could harm someone.

Recoverable Damages Through a Dog Bite Lawsuit

Vicious dog attacks can be excruciating and result in high medical bills. In fact, the average cost of a dog bite-related injury that necessitates a trip to the hospital is more than $18,000, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). That is about 50 percent more than the cost of the average injury-related hospital stay. This is why speaking to an experienced dog bite attorney about your legal options makes sense. Filing a personal injury claim enables you to pursue financial recovery for the following harms and losses:

  • Medical Expenses (Both Incurred Expenses and Future Costs): Trips to see the doctor, surgery, prescription medications, and long-term treatment can all potentially be recovered through a personal injury claim.
  • Lost Income and Earning Capacity: Temporary and permanent disability after a dog bite injury can cause victims to miss a significant amount of time from work or even force them to find another profession since they cannot return to their chosen profession.
  • Pain and Suffering: The intangible harms and losses of the dog bite. They are the trauma and intense pain you endure from the injury.
  • Emotional Distress: Vicious animal attacks can be highly traumatic, causing sleep loss, recurrent nightmares, and psychiatric trauma. Damages for these emotional injuries can be recovered through a dog bite injury claim.

Watch the video below for more on what damages can be claimed in a dog bite claim.

The Clock is Ticking on Your Injury Claim

According to California’s law, a dog bite victim only has two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury claim in court. This may sound like a lot of time, but it is not significant if you are seriously injured and must devote your time to rehabilitating your injuries. This is why you should speak to an attorney sooner rather than later. Do not let the proverbial clock tick away.

El Dorado Hills Dog Bite Lawyer

An injury from a dog bite can leave you both physically and mentally scarred. You may require weeks or months of rehab to recover from your physical injuries, and you may never fully recover from the psychological damage stemming from the incident. We are here to help you and your family. If you or a loved one have suffered any injuries related to a dog bite, please call our injury lawyers today for free and friendly advice concerning your situation. You can reach us at 916.921.6400 or 800.404.5400.

Because we operate on a contingency fee basis, we will only be paid if and when you receive payment through a verdict or settlement.

We have been working in and around the community of El Dorado Hills since 1982 on individual injury and wrongful death claims.

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