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Electrodermal Testing for patients with brain injuries

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Electrodermal Testing


Electrodermal testing is a way that holistic medical practitioners are able to identify deficiencies in the body. Depending on the test results, supplements can be recommended. The testing is similar to acupuncture. It measures the electrical activity and resistance at the specific acupuncture points.

During the test, the practitioner uses a device hooked up to a computer. There is a negative and positive cable. The positive cable is attached to a stylus which has an electrode tip. The doctor will then place the stylus in his hand (which has an insulated handle) while a hand electrode is held by the patient. The electrodermal screening device (EDSD) helps form a complete closed circuit, so energy is passed from the EDSD to the probe and back again.

What Does it Measure?

An exam using the EDSD begins by doing the four quadrants (hand to hand, foot to foot, right hand to foot and left foot to foot). These measure whole-body energy levels and are followed by a check of forty measurement points, one for each meridian located on the hand and foot. The forty control measurement points alone help the doctor get a good overview of the electrical activity of the patient. 

Testing at Acupuncture Points

An acupuncture point on the skin is stimulated on the skin through pressure, needle insertion, heat or suction and the circulation of chi are affected, affecting related internal organs. This isn’t the only way to make use of meridian energy. It carries with it information about the inner organs as well. It is the basis of electrodermal screening testing. The EDSD works by measuring electrical resistance at acupuncture points and meridians.

This involves testing of electrical activity at acupuncture points to see what’s going on inside the body.

Watch YouTube Video: What is Electrodermal Testing? This video from the Healthy Channel explains how electrodermal testing works and why it’s important to get tested.

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