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Vicious dog attacks recently have been the focus of increased media attention, especially those involving more aggressive breeds like pit bulls. California has one of the highest rates of dog attacks in the country, and the community of Elk Grove is no exception. 

Each year, hundreds of individuals are attacked by dogs. While many victims are children, dogs commonly attack adults, including neighbors, joggers, and postal workers. Many dogs attack for no reason. These unprovoked attacks might be due to a veterinary condition, such as rabies or the natural predisposition of the dog.

Dog Owners Responsibility

California holds dog owners responsible for the actions of their dogs. When someone decides to own a domesticated animal like a dog, the individual is also responsible for raising, training, and supervising that animal. If the animal exhibits aggressive behavior, it is the dog owner’s responsibility to correct that behavior or restrain the dog to prevent any biting incidents or dog attacks.

If you were injured in a dog attack, you might have legal recourse against the dog owner. We have worked with Elk Grove dog injury victims since 1982. We have grown acutely familiar with California dog bite laws, Sacramento County courtroom procedures and practices, and the mechanics of proving and arguing a dog bite case.

However, we know that it is difficult to choose an injury lawyer. You must select an attorney experienced with Elk Grove dog bites with a representation style matching your needs. We encourage you to read further about our law firm on our website to see if we match your interests. 

California Dog Bite law

California is a strict liability dog attack state. This legal doctrine provides maximum protection for victims of dog bite injuries. The California statute provides that if a dog causes injury to a person, the owner shall be responsible for the ensuing damages. Knowledge of the attack, awareness of any past aggressive behavior, or any other knowledge or intent is not required on behalf of the owner to prove a dog bite case.

The California statute places a great deal of responsibility on dog owners. Owners undertake a great deal of responsibility and control by deciding to own an animal. With the usual tasks of feeding and otherwise caring for the dog, owners also are responsible for ensuring the dog is safe around other humans. If the dog attacks unprovoked, the owner will typically be liable for any injuries, even if the dog attack appears to have occurred suddenly and for no reason. California law does not require dog owners to have time to prevent or stop an attack from being held liable.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries are not limited to simple bite marks. Many dogs, especially more aggressive breeds, are powerful and can inflict serious physical damage. Typical dog bite injuries we see include:

The video below provides everything you need to know about the most common animal bite in the United States.

Elk Grove Dog Bite FAQ

What if I’m not sure who owns the dog that bit me?

If you were attacked by a dog and don’t know who the owner is, you must report the incident to animal control immediately. You will have to give them a complete description of the dog so they can try to locate the dog and its owner. If they can’t find the dog, you may have to get rabies shots.

What if I was bitten while working at someone’s home?

The property owner has to tell you about their dog and keep the animal confined. If you were bitten by a dog while working on someone’s property, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to keep you safe from harm. You should contact an experienced injury lawyer if you were bitten by a dog while working at someone’s home. You may also have a workers’ compensation case.

Dog Bite Lawyers in Elk Grove, CA

Were you or a loved one injured by a dog bite incident in or near Elk Grove? If you need legal guidance, do not hesitate to contact our seasoned Elk Grove dog bite lawyers at 916-694-0002 or 800-404-5400 for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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