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Eureka Truck Accident Lawyer


Eureka is the largest city on the Northern California coast, home to around 30,000 people. It also serves as a hub of activity for the entire region, giving more rural communities a place to come together for business, festivals, events, government activities, and more. As it is a relatively busy town serving as a central location for a large area, Eureka frequently sees a fair amount of vehicle traffic. Furthermore, because it’s located on a major highway, plenty of large commercial trucks use local roads daily.

While semi-trucks are an essential part of the California economy, they also represent a serious risk to drivers, pedestrians, and everybody on the road. According to data reported by various agencies, including the Eureka Police Department and the California Highway Patrol, 232 people were injured, and 23 lost their lives during truck accidents in Humboldt County between the beginnings of 2008 and 2020.

The “Personal” Eureka Personal Injury Lawyer

We have been working as an Eureka truck accident lawyer since 1982. During this period, we’ve gained the above nickname. People call us the “personal” personal injury lawyers because of how we run our practice. We always make a point to show personal compassion and care to the people we serve, and we often visit my clients at their homes to learn more about how their injuries have affected their lives.

While many attorneys prefer to maintain a strictly professional relationship with their clients, we have found that a personal approach can help me be a more effective advocate in negotiations with insurance companies and while arguing in court. This is because we treat our law firm as a family, and our clients are the most important members.

What Makes Big Rigs Dangerous?

Big rigs are heavy vehicles. In California, the maximum weight of a commercial truck is 80,000 pounds. Because these vehicles are so huge, they can easily cause extreme damage when involved in car accidents. Even in accidents that might otherwise be minor, big-rig crashes can cause severe and fatal injuries.

Furthermore, big rigs often cannot avoid collisions because of their size. These vehicles are difficult to maneuver, and drivers are often unable to avoid obstacles that appear in their path. It also takes a long time for big rigs to come to a complete stop, making it even harder for drivers to stay safe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 100,000 large commercial trucks are involved in injury-causing accidents in the U.S. every year.

Staying Safe While Driving Near Large Trucks

If you’d like to learn how you can stay safe while sharing the road with a big rig, take a look at this informative video:

Commercial trucks are usually owned by a holding company that operates an entire fleet of similar vehicles. These companies are very aware of their vehicles’ risks and consider accidents a liability of their business. For these reasons, trucking companies are almost always prepared to start defending themselves right away when one of their vehicles is involved in a crash. In addition, to control the narrative and disclaim responsibility, these companies will usually dispatch their legal team to the accident to take witness statements and gather evidence.

Because trucking companies are so prepared, it’s vital for people who’ve been affected by trucking accidents to take action as soon as they possibly can. If your attorney can begin working on your case immediately, they will be more able to ensure you and your family can obtain the payments you deserve for the losses you have suffered.

How an Injury Can Impact Your Life

As Eureka truck accident attorneys, we have seen how dramatically injuries can affect people’s lives. Recovering from an injury is often a physically painful and challenging process that can cause significant mental stress. In addition, being injured may affect your ability to participate in activities that are important to you. In some cases, an injury can make it hard for crash survivors to work, resulting in a loss of income.

Furthermore, recovering from an accident injury can be extremely expensive. Many injured people need to undergo multiple surgeries and other procedures. In many cases, crash survivors also need to pay for long-term physical therapy, medications, ambulance rides, and more. In severe cases, injured individuals need to modify their homes to make them more accessible. Altogether, these costs can leave people feeling overwhelmed.

Getting Help

Accident survivors are often unsure of how they can afford their recovery. However, it’s possible to claim total compensation for the damages you have suffered by working with an Eureka personal injury lawyer to hold negligent parties and/or insurers responsible for damages. By filing injury claims, many crash survivors can obtain the financial security they need to recover their health and well-being.

Eureka Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you care about was injured during a truck accident, please contact our experienced Eureka truck accident lawyers at (800) 404-5400 or (707) 564-1900 for free, friendly advice.

Since 1982, our legal team has assisted people living in Eureka and Humboldt County with auto accident cases involving severe and fatal trauma. Learn about our history of advocating for area residents by checking out the settlements and verdicts we have obtained.

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