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Exactech® Replacement Products Recall

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Exactech® Replacement Products Recall

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A massive recall has been issued for Exactech® knee, ankle, and hip replacements due to major problems. Patients who undergo revision surgery after their implant fails may be able to file a lawsuit. The harm our clients experienced was caused by a defective product, and they are suing to recover financial compensation. 

Recovering Compensation after an Exactech® Implant Injury

Patients who have had one of these implants that have failed may be entitled to financial compensation by filing a product liability claim. Our firm is here to help those affected by this recall pursue justice. We understand the suffering caused by a defective medical device, and we are committed to fighting for the rights of patients who were harmed due to a faulty product. 

We are passionate about holding manufacturers responsible for their mistakes and ensuring our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and resources to build solid cases for individuals facing significant medical bills and other expenses related to their injury or illness from an Exactech® product failure. Contact us today if you or someone you know has been impacted by this recall. Let us help you get the restitution that you deserve.

Joint Replacement Recalls are Worldwide

There is a potential for increased wear of some components on Exactech® knee, ankle, and hip replacements worldwide. The company has initiated a voluntary recall of all of them. As a result of increased wear, the implant may become loose and need to be surgically revised. In some cases, pain, instability, or other symptoms may be associated with a failed device. 

Exactech® Knees are Wearing Out Sooner Than Expected 

In 2021, a recall of 147,732 knee replacements already implanted into patients’ bodies was made. According to the company’s letter to surgeons, the plastic in the tibia degradation and wear is much more rapid than anticipated. The new knee joint has two metal components, and this plastic implant serves as a cushion between them.

Exactech® Hip Recall Expands after the Company Admits to Problems

Almost 130,000 hip replacements used on American patients between 2004 and 2022 are being recalled due to poor packaging and manufacturing techniques. Patients must undergo hip revision surgery to replace defective liners because implants wear out much faster than expected.

Polyethylene Inserts are Being Recalled for Ankle Replacement

The company recalled its Vantage ankle replacement plastic tibial insert in August 2021. In 2008, it notified surgeons that they should stop using the devices, and plastic inserts made over the past eight years should be removed from their shelves. As of April 2022, the company announced that the Vantage ankle replacements must be removed and discarded. A company representative confirmed that most of the plastic inserts manufactured since 2004 could be defective.

How the Ankle Replacements Can Cause Problems 

Tibial liners are the plastic parts of ankle replacements. Even as far back as 2004, the company admitted its vacuum bags used as packaging for ankle replacements were defective. In an examination of its inserts manufactured since 2004, the company identified defective vacuum bags in approximately 80 percent of the products.

For the plastic liners to remain oxygen-free, there should be two layers. A secondary barrier layer was not present in the vacuum bags, so oxygen wasn’t kept out. A defective package can allow oxygen to enter the ankle replacements, corroding or oxidizing the plastic. 

When plastic is exposed to oxygen, it can deteriorate. It results in brittle joints that may wear out sooner than anticipated if this occurs. In addition to causing pain and tissue damage, the constant use of the artificial joint can damage the plastic insert inside your body. Only a few years after receiving one of these ankle implants, patients find that it needs revising, meaning it must be removed and replaced.

Two Recalls Have Been Issued in Under a Year

The first recall of Exactech®’s hip-liners was in the summer of 2021. In August 2022, the company recalled 40,000 more hip devices, placing even more patients at risk. The company used defective packaging for the recalled hip implants as it did for knee replacements. There should have been two oxygen-proof layers in the vacuum bags surrounding the hip liner. One layer of protection was missing on the hips recalled, allowing oxygen to seep into the bags. Corrosion can cause plastic hip inserts to become weak and brittle due to this exposure.

Recovering Compensation After Going Through Replacement Joint Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is traumatic enough and curtails an individual’s ability to get around, causing pain and suffering. The pain and suffering go far beyond the replacement surgery, which the company says it will cover. Patients may have to use a walker or crutches after returning home to finish healing. In addition, they often need help with everyday tasks such as bathing, laundry, or cooking. Alterations to the home may also be required.

Additional Expenses Are Not Covered

Although the cost of the revision surgery is covered, your other losses are not. For example, you may have a considerable financial loss if you cannot return to work or develop an infection. In addition, revision surgery does not include compensation for your pain and suffering. A product liability lawyer who handles these cases may help you recover the compensation you deserve. If you have had revision surgery or are scheduled to do so, getting free advice from an injury lawyer may be helpful.

Sacramento Products Liability Lawyers

To schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Exactech® joint replacement products liability lawyers, call our office today for free, friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. You can also reach us online.

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