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When a big rig collides with a sedan, it’s akin to the forceful impact of a hammer striking a nail. The sheer size disparity between large commercial trucks and average commuter cars is substantial, with the former weighing 20-30 times more and possessing greater height and ground clearance. Additionally, large trucks face challenges when braking in congested traffic on busy roads or highways. It takes significantly longer for an 18-wheeler to come to a complete stop than smaller vehicles, with distances ranging from 20 to 40 percent farther.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an accident involving a large truck in Fair Oaks, we urge you to contact our legal team at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400 for a complimentary case evaluation. We are committed to providing compassionate support and guidance during this difficult time.

National Truck Accident Statistics

According to recent data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 8,870 traffic accident-related fatalities during the first half of 2020. This figure represents a 3% decrease compared to the same period 2019. However, it is essential to note that these statistics can be partially attributed to the significant impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown measures implemented worldwide.

The decrease in traffic-related fatalities can be attributed, at least in part, to the reduced number of vehicles on the road during the pandemic period. With fewer vehicles in motion, the overall exposure to accident risks was significantly diminished. Additionally, the decrease in traffic volume provided an opportunity for improved traffic flow and reduced congestion in many areas, leading to safer driving conditions.

As traffic volume gradually returns to normal levels with the easing of restrictions, drivers must remain vigilant and prioritize safe driving practices to prevent accidents and ensure road safety. While overall traffic fatalities decreased, specific categories of accidents, such as speeding-related crashes and incidents involving vulnerable road users like pedestrians and bicyclists, may have seen an increase. 

Difference Between Commercial Trucks and Passenger Cars

The big difference is that big rigs are used for commercial purposes, which means they are mainly used to transport commercial goods across state lines. Another difference, as mentioned, is the incredible disparity in size compared to most other vehicles on Fair Oaks roads and highways. There might also be multiple insurance policies covering a single big rig, including coverage for the freight, equipment, driver, etc.

Why Accidents with Big Rigs Are More Dangerous

Accidents involving a tractor-trailer are generally more severe in scale and result in significant damage to the occupants of the smaller vehicle hit by the large truck. Injuries that are often reported in these types of collisions include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury: An injury to your head and/or brain can have life-altering effects. Head injuries can range from a concussion to a severe traumatic brain injury that may leave you incapacitated, requiring full-time nursing care.
  • Broken Bones: Collisions with commercial trucks can result in shattered bones that take months to fully heal.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: The impact of a collision can result in partial or complete paralysis of your body.
  • Neck and Back Trauma: This is the most common type of injury reported in vehicle collisions. A severe neck or back injury can result in debilitating pain that may require surgery to correct.
Leading Causes of Accidents Between Big Rigs and Smaller Vehicles

In many instances, the operator of the large tractor-trailer was negligent, and that negligence proximately caused the collision. Examples of big rig operator negligence include:

To learn more about why accidents with large trucks are so dangerous, watch the video below:

Fair Oaks Truck Accident FAQ

Do big rig operators have to adhere to certain hours of service? 

Driver fatigue is a big issue regarding the risk of a collision between an 18-wheeler and a smaller vehicle. That is why federal regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration state that all commercial truck operators can only drive for a maximum of 11 hours straight. The operator is violating federal law if they stay on the road beyond that point. In addition, if an operator is on the road for 11 hours, that must be followed by 10 uninterrupted hours of rest.

Do truckers need a special license to operate a big rig? 

To legally operate a tractor-trailer hauling freight across state lines, the driver must obtain and maintain a commercial driver’s license (often called a CDL). This requires an operator to pass multiple tests showing the driver’s skills and understanding of operating a large semi-truck effectively. If it turns out that the truck operator who hit you did not have a CDL or their CDL was expired, then that can serve as a basis for claiming the driver was negligent in causing the collision.

What types of damages can I recover through a truck accident claim?

Monetary damages you can recover through a personal injury claim can include reimbursement for your medical expenses, including future medical fees, lost wages, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

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