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Dogs are great companions and friends that benefit our lives in many ways. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that 36 percent of American households have one or more pet dogs, estimated to be nearly 70 million across the country.

Additionally, research shows that owning a dog can even have health benefits for owners, such as improving heart health, reducing stress, and helping with symptoms of PTSD. However, dogs can be dangerous and can cause people serious injuries under the wrong circumstances.

If you or a family member has been bitten by a dog and suffered severe injuries, you’ll need the guidance of an experienced Fairfield dog bite lawyer. Contact our legal team at (707) 564-1900 for a free consultation.

Dog Bites in the United States

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that nearly 5 million people in the U.S. suffer injuries from dog bites yearly. While some of these injuries heal quickly, many leave people with long-lasting symptoms that can seriously affect their quality of life. In the most extreme cases, dog bites can even cause fatal injuries.

Why Some Dogs Bite

Dog bites often happen unexpectedly, and even amiable dogs can turn aggressive in moments. Although most dogs will never bite, it is essential to know why some will. Reasons that dogs will attack people include the following:

  • Feeling threatened or scared: if a dog thinks it is being threatened, it may become aggressive as a way to protect itself
  • Stress reaction: when a dog is in a stressful situation, it may bite to defend their territory
  • Excitement: most dogs love to play but can become rough if they get too excited
  • Feeling unwell: when a dog is injured or sick, it might bite simply because it wants to be left alone.
  • Protective behavior: if something valuable to a dog is threatened, such as its toys, food, puppies, or owners, it might attack to protect what they care about

Understanding these behaviors can help you know when a dog will become aggressive. Our goal is to help you avoid suffering injuries in an attack.

Who is at Risk of Suffering a Dog Bite?

Anybody can potentially be bitten by a dog and is at risk of suffering severe trauma. However, some individuals are more vulnerable to dog bites than others. Elderly people are usually less able to avoid aggressive dogs and have more difficulty healing after the attack.

Young children are also especially vulnerable, partly because dogs may feel less threatened by them. Children are also more susceptible because dogs can easily bite sensitive areas such as the neck and face.

Why You Need an Experienced Fairfield Dog Bite Lawyer

When a dog bite incident happens, people can be left with injuries that are difficult to recover from and expensive. Often, these injuries leave people unable to do their job, and that loss of income can be devastating. However, the parties responsible for the attack, usually the owner(s) of the dog, can typically be held responsible for paying for things such as medical bills, loss of income, rehabilitation costs, and more.

When seeking repayment for these damages, having the help of a lawyer who is experienced in handling local dog bite cases is essential. A reasonable accident attorney will guide you through the process to ensure you get the full payments you deserve for your injuries.

Our legal team at AutoAccident.com has handled dog bite injuries in California since 1982. We have helped many people claim the money they are legally owed for severe dog bite injuries. We know how to prepare for, prove, and argue a dog bite case by handling these cases for so many years. However, you should consider everything when picking a lawyer who is right for you.

We only take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you pay no money upfront and only need to pay lawyer’s fees if your case is won.

Severe Dog Bite Injuries

While most people consider dog bite injuries superficial puncture wounds, they are often more complicated and involve severe trauma. Many dog breeds naturally have solid and muscular jaws and sharp teeth meant to tear flesh. Combined with aggressive behavior, these traits can cause various injuries when an attack occurs.

Some severe injuries victims may suffer when bitten by a dog include:

To get an idea of the severe effects that a dog attack can have, you can watch the below interview with a young dog attack survivor:

Contact Our Dog Bite Lawyers in Fairfield, CA

If you or someone you care about has been injured by a dog attack, please contact our experienced Fairfield dog bite lawyers at (707) 564-1900 or (800) 404-5400 for free friendly advice regarding your case.

Our injury attorneys have helped residents of Fairfield and surrounding areas get fair compensation for accident and wrongful death cases since 1982.

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