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Coronavirus and a Car Accident

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Coronavirus and a Car Accident

It’s terrible experiencing isolation and uncertainty these days, but then to have an accident on top of it! Now there are insurance companies to hassle with and doctors to see. Sometimes you just feel like staying in bed.

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, founder of AutoAccident.com. I’ve been helping people deal with the stress of accidents and their aftereffects since 1982.

From the very start, our firm has been about genuinely helping injured people – from their first visit until we obtain a final recovery.

Along the way, we’ve ruffled feathers. We’ve told people to avoid doctors who are insensitive, incompetent, or part of an HMO that cares more about profit than patients.

Some doctors might be good medically, but dismal economically. Their failure to testify – to stand up and be honest about an injury’s negative impact on a patient’s work and family life – can be devastating to a patient’s ability to recover an adequate settlement and return to a reasonably enjoyable life.

Because I’ve seen these doctors before, I warn my clients to avoid them. Sometimes I take heat from the HMOs and the doctors involved, but I’ve always believed that my first duty is to my client.

I consider it my mission to keep my clients safe, to keep them away from bad doctors, and to do everything possible to help them recover.

You’ve had an accident amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now what?

You don’t need the further stress of exposing yourself to an unknown law office where you might be infected. I understand, and here are the steps my office has taken to protect you if you need to see an experienced accident attorney.

First, you can talk to us remotely from the safety and comfort of your home if you’re comfortable with Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. We can discuss your accident online face-to-face and send you our retainer via Docusign.

We do this all the time. It’s easy, and we can walk you through it, even if you’re not especially tech-savvy. Oh, and there’s never a fee until we win your case.

Second, if you do want to come see us in person, I’ve taken painstaking steps to make sure that we have the most germ-free office in the entire Sacramento-Stockton area.

  1. Everyone who is in the office washes their hands rigorously before and after every client meeting.
  2. We use heavy-duty air filters (10 of them) to filter the air at all times. We’ve ordered and will soon have ultraviolet air-cleaning devices like the ones hospitals use to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
  3. We use diffusers filled with antiviral essentials oils, including clove, eucalyptus, and cinnamon, to help defeat airborne pathogens. There are many studies in medical journals that verify the antiviral effects of eucalyptus, clove and other essential oils. True, no one has done a double-blind study on them, but the weight of the evidence shows that they do no harm and are likely effective. (It also makes the office smell really nice.)

In short, we do all we can to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible. We take equal care to ensure your entire time working with us is pleasant.

But don’t take my word for it. You can see our past client reviews on Yelp and Google.

My firm specializes in severe accidents, and I personally am a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum as well as the Top 1%.

If you are interested in viewing our past case resolutions, visit our verdicts and settlements page.

Call today at 916-921-6400 for free, friendly advice. We’re here to help.

Above all, stay safe. Together, we will work to put your life back on track.


Ed Smith

Founder of AutoAccident.com