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Residents of Fremont, California, are more than familiar with commercial truck traffic in their area since it is crisscrossed by highways. They aren’t strangers to heavy traffic either because Interstate 880 is a major route to Oakland and San Jose. Since most goods are delivered by tractor-trailers, anytime Fremont residents take to the highways, they must contend with these big, heavy trucks. When an accident occurs, it often involves passenger vehicles, causing severe injuries or even fatalities.

Getting Legal Advice From a Fremont Truck Accident Attorney

We can assist you if you suffer an injury in a truck collision, so you can pursue the compensation that is rightfully yours. Many Northern California residents have obtained a fair settlement with the help of our injury lawyers at AutoAccident.com, who have provided quality legal talent and representation for many years. We know it can be challenging to choose an injury lawyer with so many to pick from, but we want you to understand that our office has the experience and expertise to get you the compensation you deserve. If you are an innocent victim involved in a collision with a large commercial truck, you must move quickly to hire an attorney. Call us today for a free consultation. We take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no upfront fees. We get paid at the successful conclusion of your case. 

Insurance Company Tactics

Adjusters from the insurance industry will use complex tactics, including offering a meager payout when your case may be worth a lot more. You can reduce your stress significantly when you have a trusted accident attorney on your side. This is especially important due to the often severe nature of an accident involving a big truck.

Why Are Accidents With Big Trucks so Dangerous?

A big rig can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is 20 times as much as a passenger vehicle. Federal regulations limit truck drivers to 10 hours of driving each day. Still, companies sometimes offer faster cash incentives for long-distance travel, which can hurt other motorists. A truck accident lawyer from Fremont can determine if your accident injuries occurred because Federal regulations were broken, so you can recover fair compensation for your injuries. 

What Are Common Types of Collisions With a Big Truck?

 Big rigs often cause the following dangerous collisions:

  • Blind-spot accidents: Even though passenger vehicles have blind spots, those that occur on big trucks and other commercial vehicles are usually much wider and more extensive. Big rigs have blind spots commonly known as “no-zones.” Truckers cannot see another car if it is too close in front or the big rig’s rear. Trailers and tankers have much larger blind spots on the sides. Therefore, if the truck driver starts changing lanes without noticing another vehicle next to him, it could result in a serious accident.
  • Rollovers: The cause of almost half of tractor-trailer rollover accidents is speeding. Since a big rig usually has a higher center of gravity, a driver speeding through a curve too fast, having to perform an emergency maneuver, or experiencing a tire blowout can cause a rollover.
  • Wide turns: According to the Federal Highway Administration, semis are usually up to 80 feet long, counting the tractor. Due to its large turning radius, a semi may invade the adjacent lane around a corner. When another vehicle is in that spot, it can cause a truck accident.
  • Override/underride accidents: The biggest commercial trucks ride higher than most passenger cars, resulting in override or underride accidents. A speeding truck rides over a smaller vehicle, causing serious injuries or deaths. Smaller vehicles can also pass underneath, and these accidents often result in fatalities.
  • Badly loaded cargo: Overloaded or unbalanced trailers can suddenly shift, causing a truck driver to lose control or a big rig to roll over.
  • Jackknifes: Truck accidents caused by jackknifing occur when the tractor pulling the trailer is going too slowly. Consequently, the trailer slides sideways in a jackknife shape. Accidents of this type can happen when the brakes are not applied properly, going down a hill too fast, or because of adverse weather.
Do Truckers and Their Companies Carry Good Insurance Policies?

Truckers and the companies that employ them must carry substantial insurance policies in California. The amount of insurance carried depends on the freight, such as:

  • Trucks transporting general freight must carry $750,000 in liability insurance coverage.
  • Those carrying household goods must have $300,000 in liability insurance.
  • Oil transporters have to carry liability insurance for $1 million.
  • Trucks carrying hazardous materials are required to have $5 million in liability insurance.
Medical Expenses Following a Collision With a Big Truck

Accidents involving big trucks often cause serious injuries. Injuries in an accident with a big rig are often much more severe, resulting in long-term, expensive medical care or even permanent disability. Spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, amputation, facial trauma, and others can be life-changing, challenging events. However, your truck accident attorney from Fremont, CA, can calculate the damages you need to provide for your care so that you will not face financial stress in the future.

Lack of Wages Coming Into the Household Can Have a Severe Impact

One of the big worries of someone injured in an accident with a big truck is the inability to work because that often means no or less money is coming into the household to pay rent, mortgage, and other bills. Because of the serious injuries that often occur in collisions with big trucks, the injured party is often unable to work for an extended period, if at all. Some of these injuries cause some disability, affecting the injured party’s ability to return to work at their previous job. 

In some cases, they may have to take a lower-paying position. In other cases, they may become permanently disabled. Your truck accident lawyer from Fremont can calculate the difference in pay if you take a lower-paying job, so you receive the same compensation until retirement. If you become permanently disabled, you can still obtain your wages until retirement and the perks of your employment, such as your pension and insurance benefits. 

Pain and Suffering

Physical pain and suffering is common after an accident but is often worse and extends for a longer time when a traumatic injury is involved. Non-economic damages can be recovered for this type of trauma. Psychological and emotional trauma is common also, and some people have nightmares, anxiety, depression, and even relive the accident over and over. Some injured parties require professional treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a recoverable expense.  

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