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Granite Bay Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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Pedestrians are at the mercy of passenger vehicles and trucks when it comes to accidents. Walkers cannot outrun an approaching car or have protection from the damage it can inflict on them. It may be possible to avoid an accident by paying attention to one’s surroundings. But aside from that, the motorist must use safety procedures to guard against pedestrian injury. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to do this. When this happens, the pedestrian incurs both physical and financial harm.

Granite Bay Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Our law firm consistently fights for the rights of pedestrians throughout Northern California. We use our legal and investigative skills to determine why and how the pedestrian accident happened. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve. We use our experience to negotiate with insurers, and if the insurance company reneges on its responsibility, our legal team takes the case to court. Rely on us to have your back during a trying time, and let us take over your case while you rest and recoup.

Incidence of Pedestrian Accidents

The number of pedestrian accidents has risen nationwide, especially in California, over the last decade. At the root of the problem is the significant increase in drivers and pedestrians. It is easy to see this by walking down any urban street or crossing an intersection. The number of pedestrian fatalities also increased nationally, and by the end of 2019 was recorded as nearly 6,000. The number of pedestrian deaths in the first six months of 2019 in five states, including California, amounted to almost half of all walker fatalities. This is true even though the states’ population makes up a third of the U.S. population. 

Pedestrian Death Statistics

According to the Governors Highway Safety Administration, walker deaths in 2019 were the highest in 30 years. As pedestrian deaths rose roughly 60 percent from 2009 through 2019, other types of traffic accidents increased by less than 2 percent. So, it is not just about the number of drivers and walkers; other factors are in play. To respond to this deadly situation, state, county, and city programs have been implemented to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths. 

Common Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents

Not all pedestrian accidents are the same. There are many reasons for pedestrian injuries and deaths. Some of the most frequent causes cited by authorities are:

  • The driver did not see the pedestrian: Motorists often say they did not see the pedestrian walking along the road or crossing the street. This may seem like an excuse; however, it does happen regularly. The reasons for this are either the driver did not look or they did not see an obstacle they were not expecting. The latter is a trick the brain plays on itself as it tries to focus on what it deems essential.
  • Speeding: When a driver speeds, it is harder to control their vehicle and stop in time to avoid a pedestrian accident. This happens in crosswalks as well. In addition, many pedestrians feel comfortable crossing in a protected zone and do not have their guard up. 
  • Failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians: In California, walkers have the right of way whether they are in a crosswalk. Motorists must let pedestrians pass before continuing. Drivers who fail to stop or run a red light at an intersection commonly cause a pedestrian accident.
  • Turning without checking: Drivers who make either left-hand or right-hand turns without checking first are a risk to pedestrians. Intersections are far too complex for a driver not to take extra caution to navigate the intersection safely.
  • Distraction: Drivers who are texting, talking on a cell phone, eating, or engaging in other activities, such as tuning the radio, are not focusing on the road. This means that they will miss seeing a pedestrian crossing the street. Distraction has become this country’s leading cause of accidents, including at crosswalks.
  • Impaired driving: When a motorist consumes alcohol or uses drugs before getting behind the wheel, they become a menace to pedestrians. The inebriated driver can no longer use his cognitive skills properly, and their reaction time is slowed. This means seeing a pedestrian and taking the proper steps to avoid hitting them is altered. This is most common at night or in areas of dim light.
  • Inclement weather: Weather plays a big part in a pedestrian accident. In bad weather, drivers should take extra precautions, such as slowing down to accommodate reduced visibility. If a driver fails to do this at an intersection, the likelihood of a pedestrian accident increases. Your pedestrian accident lawyer in Granite Bay will consider this when preparing the case by checking on weather conditions during the accident. 
  • Backing up: These accidents often occur when someone is backing out of their driveway or leaving a parking lot slot. Children are especially at risk since their height makes it harder for a driver to see. However, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure no one is standing or walking behind them. Today, many vehicles have safety devices that alert a driver to someone behind them.

The video below explains why pedestrian deaths are on the rise.

Investigating a Granite Bay Pedestrian Accident

Our law firm uses evidence as the foundation of accident cases. There is no case without proof that negligence was involved and led to injuries or death. We scour the accident site for clues confirming the at-fault party’s negligence. These include talking to witnesses and obtaining videos of the accident from traffic light cameras or local businesses. Our investigators review police reports for inaccuracies and interview witnesses for additional information. We also use accident reconstruction techniques and present them in our initial claim or in court. Once the information is compiled, our legal team uses it as it builds a robust case for our client.

Granite Bay Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When you or a family member are injured in a pedestrian accident, seek free and friendly advice by calling (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. If it is more convenient for you, use our online form.

We’ve helped Granite Bay residents since 1982 obtain the compensation they deserve in car accidentswrongful deaths, and motorcycle accident injuries, among other traumatic events.

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