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Grass Valley Dog Bite Lawyer

Knowing your legal rights if you are injured by a dog bite is essential. California law says that anyone injured by a dog can claim fair compensation for their injuries, whether they are bitten or pushed down. When you or a loved one has been injured by a canine, having an experienced dog bite lawyer in Grass Valley by your side is essential. We understand the trauma and pain you’ve been going through and are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve. 

California Dog Bite Law Protects Those Who Are Injured

Although some states require that a dog show previous aggression to claim compensation when they bite someone, California is a strict liability state. Under Article 2, Section 3342, the dog owner is held liable for their pet’s injuries to others unless the injured person was teasing, taunting, or trespassing. Animals from the military or police working in the line of duty are also exempt from liability. In most cases, the owner is liable, even if they attempt to stop the attack.

Is It Worthwhile to Place a Dogbite Claim?

Dog bites cause terrible injuries and can result in physical and emotional trauma and a high economic cost. Insurance claims due to dog attacks go up every year. The Insurance Information Institute reported that liability claims 2019 for injuries by dog bites were $797 million nationwide. This was an increase of 14.7 percent over 2018. The reason is that settlements, judgments, jury awards, and medical costs are higher. 

Are There Many Dog Bite Claims in California?

In 2019, around 2,400 insurance claims were made because of dog bite injuries, which placed California in the country’s number one position. The average amount awarded to an injured person in the state was $51,265. Not all claims were due to a dog biting the injured person. Some were because a dog knocked down a child, bicycle rider, or older person, resulting in a severe injury. An experienced dog bite attorney can help resolve your case successfully while you concentrate on getting well.

Why Some People Are Hesitant to Place a Claim

Some people hesitate to place a claim following a dog bite injury, especially if they don’t consider it severe. However, they may face medical costs, lost wages, and emotional problems from the attack. If the dog owner isn’t held accountable, their pet may attack someone else with a far more severe result. The high cost without compensation can be financially overwhelming. Some reasons people give for not filing a claim include:

  • The bite didn’t cause a severe injury. The problem is that bites can get infected and cause significant damage.
  • The injured person may not realize that homeowner’s insurance can cover this type of injury.
  • A family member, friend, or neighbor owns the animal. Once again, the homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost.
What to Do After a Dog Attack or Injury

Not all injuries by canines are caused by dog bites. In some cases, especially with older people, the person can be injured by the dog jumping on them. Older people can break a hip and suffer a traumatic brain injury and other trauma. Knowing what to do following an injury by a dog is essential to uphold your compensation case. When you or a loved one is injured, the following should be done right away:

  • Seek medical attention. Medical attention should be sought if the skin was broken where the dog bit you, even with minor wounds. Dog bites can lead to frightening conditions such as tetanus and rabies. Follow any instructions from your physician, including follow-ups.
  • Exchange contact information with the dog owner. It’s essential to know whether the dog’s vaccinations are current. If you don’t know who owns the animal, contact animal control.
  • In any case, notify animal control or local police that you were bitten, even if the bite wasn’t too serious. This helps to solidify your case. 
  • Remember to photograph your injuries. Write down what happened while the memory is fresh, and take photos of your injuries. 
  • If there were any witnesses to the dog attack, get contact information for these people.
  • Call a Grass Valley dog bite attorney experienced in handling these cases. The lawyer will handle communications with the animal’s owner and the insurance company. The lawyer can ensure that the documentation to support your case is vital to obtain the compensation you deserve.
Compensation After a Dog Bite Injury

As with all personal injury cases, someone who is injured by a dog is entitled to claim the following compensation:

  • Medical costs up to the present and into the future, if necessary
  • Lost earnings, even if you are self-employed
  • Lost earning capacity if you are unable to return to your job or can no longer perform at your current position
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
Investigation After a Dog Bite Incident

Being attacked or bitten by a dog is a terrifying and painful experience. I firmly believe that no one should go through the pain of this type of encounter and still be financially liable for the damage. Our investigators work hard to collect the evidence to get you fair compensation. An investigation into a dog attack can include the following:

  • The investigators go to the accident site and interview the witnesses to the incident.
  • They interviewed neighbors and others, such as the UPS drivers and postman, to see if they saw signs of aggression in the animal.
  • The investigators interviewed the dog’s veterinarian to determine if the dog was vaccinated entirely and if the vet or other staff had problems with the animal.

The matter can often be settled financially with the insurance company. However, if severe injuries have occurred, including emotional trauma, scarring, and disfigurement, it may be necessary to take the case to civil court to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Watch the video below to learn why you may need a dog-bite lawyer for your case.

Dog Bite Lawyer in Grass Valley

If a negligent owner’s dog injures you, you may claim compensation for your injuries. Call me at (530) 392-9400 in Grass Valley or toll-free at (800) 404-5400 if you want my free and friendly advice. 

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