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Hope after Spinal Cord Injury

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Hope after Spinal Cord Injury

This amazing video shows the beauty and grace are everywhere in life and that having a spinal cord injury can be an opening to the unexpected. Can your injury be a doorway into something  you do not perceive at present?

The above video is about an Olympic athlete who seemingly lost everything in a severe truck accident to wake up a partial paraplegic.  How can anyone find a level of acceptance and a choice of how to live?

Maybe being at rock bottom is place to embark on a remarkable journey. Maybe if you can’t walk anymore, you can fly instead.

When you try go of what you are, you become what you might be.

Hopeful research about how drugs, robots and electrical stimulation awaken neural pathways and help the body move on its own.

Who can really say what’s possible or not possible? How many people would have thought Bruce Lee could have beat these 2 world champion ping pong players with his hands behind his back?