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Impalement Injuries and Auto Accidents

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Some of the injuries that people can acquire in a car crash can be particularly unusual or severe. One of the most serious is called an impalement injury, which can occur in motor vehicle accidents. If not treated quickly, people could die from a fatal amount of blood loss, depending on the type of injury. It is important for everyone reading to understand how these catastrophic injuries are diagnosed and treated so that they can be prepared if the unthinkable happens.

Mechanism of Injury: Impalement in an Auto Accident

Just as there are many different auto accidents, there are many different types of traumatic injuries that someone can sustain. While some injuries are well-known, such as bone fractures, other, more unusual injuries can also be quite severe. When someone is involved in an auto, truck, or bus accident, someone can be impaled by a piece of the vehicle or an outside obstacle. For example, if a car collides, a large piece of glass could impale someone in the abdomen, leading to a particularly severe injury. It is also possible for a part of the metal frame to impale someone in the arm or leg. In other situations, it is even possible for an outside piece of shrapnel or debris, such as a part of a building or a light pole, to enter the vehicle and impale one or more of the passengers. If someone has been impaled, it can be quite shocking, and someone can feel trapped by the debris around them. While the first instinct may be to remove whatever object has impaled them, it is important to pause and think because this might not be the best decision at all.

The Severity can Range Widely

Like many other serious injuries, the severity of an impalement injury can vary significantly from injury to injury. In some accidents, a piece of glass could have impaled an arm or a leg and might be removed without further incident. On the other hand, impalement injuries of the chest or abdomen can lead to a catastrophic personal injury. Many different vital organs could be damaged for someone who has had a car frame or pole enter their abdomen. Examples include the stomach, liver, spleen, and small intestine. Other people could have been impaled in the chest, leading to damage to their heart or lungs. Damage to any of these organs can lead to unfathomable pain and lead to death if the injury has damaged one or more of their blood vessels. Many important blood vessels run through these parts of the abdomen and chest, such as the aorta, that cannot be severed. In many cases, the object that impaled the person could be the only thing holding blood inside the body’s plumbing. The plug in the leak could be removed by pulling out the object, and someone could bleed to death quickly. Therefore, a medical professional needs to evaluate anyone with an impalement injury as quickly as possible.

Treatment: Surgery is Often Necessary

Someone who has been impaled is often evaluated at the scene before being taken to a local hospital. Someone who has been impaled in the chest or abdomen will require transport to a hospital to be treated by a trained medical professional. In almost all cases, surgery in a controlled environment will be required to remove the object safely. Once the object has been removed under anesthesia, the medical team will work as quickly as possible to repair any tears or leaks in any blood vessels or organs in the body. After this, the medical team will examine the repaired area closely to ensure that the repair will hold together after the individual has been sewn up. It could take a significant amount of time for the injury to heal completely, which is why people should make sure to heed their doctor’s advice and not return to physical activity before they are given permission to do so.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Any family that has experienced an impalement injury such as the one described above likely has many questions about their injury and what might happen next. They might be wondering if they will be forced to pay for the medical care that they have received. They could also have questions regarding liability for the incident and what financial compensation they can recover from the at-fault individual(s). For families experiencing these questions and more, contact an experienced injury lawyer today.

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It can be an overwhelming experience for someone who has experienced an impalement injury, and people may have numerous unanswered questions. For this reason, it is vital to speak with experienced legal counsel. We serve this purpose for our clients. We can be reached by calling 916.921.6400 or toll-free at (800) 404-5400. Our office provides free, friendly, and no-obligation advice.

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