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We Have an Immediate Need for an Experienced Paralegal

We’re excited to introduce an opening for the role of Paralegal Case Manager at one of Sacramento’s leading law firms specializing in plaintiff’s personal injury cases.

We invite applications exclusively from candidates with significant experience in personal injury case management.

As part of our team, you can access complimentary parking and a relaxed business casual workplace. The compensation package, including base salary and performance bonuses, will vary based on your level of expertise, ranging from 80K to 150K.

A Stellar Legal Team

We boast a comprehensive roster of skilled professionals, from receptionists to seasoned lawyers. Most of our team has remained dedicated to our cause for over a decade. Every team member is expected to uphold the most exacting standards, as there is no tolerance for anything less than excellence when facing formidable adversaries like billion-dollar insurance corporations.

About Our Culture

Our organization works daily with a solid commitment to roll up our sleeves and accomplish the tasks. If you don’t share this dedication, this might not be the right place to apply.

Our cohesive team, comprising attorneys, case managers, marketers, intake personnel, and support staff, operates seamlessly like a finely tuned mechanism. We genuinely care about each other, and this camaraderie is evident in our exceptional service to our clients. Whether it’s researching innovative treatments for chronic pain or staying up-to-date with recent legal rulings that could benefit our clients financially, we consistently strive for excellence and refuse to become complacent.

Our Core Values

  • Ongoing Education: We actively read books, participate in seminars, and pursue ongoing education. We anticipate the same commitment to continuous learning from you.
  • Innovation: We enthusiastically embrace innovative ideas from our team members that have the potential to drive results and benefit our clients.
  • Compassion: We deeply regard our clients, visiting them in their homes and genuinely understanding who they are and how their lives have evolved as we guide them toward settlement or trial.

We operate as a close-knit family within our firm, fostering a unique office environment and culture. The only thing that’s absent is your presence!

Our Main Goal

Our dedication to excellence revolves around prioritizing our clients and their requirements. Our objective remains unchanged: collaboratively constructing robust cases culminating in favorable verdicts and settlements for our injured clients. When our clients achieve success, we consider it our own success. This is the pinnacle of our aspirations.

What We Need From You

  • Show empathy towards our clients who have suffered bodily injuries; attentively listen to the narratives of their accidents.
  • Approach the development of a treatment plan with optimism and kindness to help restore balance to their lives.
  • Maintain regular communication with our clients, striving to build strong connections and understanding their needs.
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of each case through a meticulous examination of liability and other damages; subsequently, present findings to the lead attorney.
  • Manage health insurance matters and negotiate with healthcare providers to secure necessary reductions when applicable.
  • Engage in negotiations with insurance adjusters, compose demand letters, respond to counter demands, and formulate innovative solutions.
  • Draft necessary legal documents, such as complaints and discovery requests, all under the supervision of the lead attorney.
  • Prepare settlement statements as required.
  • Proficiency in Spanish is considered a valuable asset.

The initial salary range for this position is between $80,000 and $150,000, commensurate with experience. This role requires on-site presence.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample to [email protected] and [email protected].