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Lincoln Slip and Fall Lawyer


When someone slips and falls on another’s property because of negligence, the injured person has the right to be reimbursed for their medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In California, under premises liability laws, the owner or possessor of the property can be held financially responsible for accident injuries caused by their negligence. Our injury lawyers at AutoAccident.com can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve if you have been injured on either private or public property.

Why Do I Need an Injury Lawyer After an Accident?

Handling your case by a Lincoln, CA, slip and fall lawyer is good because liability for such an accident may lie with more than one entity or party. For example, a grocery store patron slips and falls, suffering an injury when retrieving bottled drinks from a leaking machine. In this case, the grocery store and the company manufacturing the machine that cooled the drinks may be liable.

An Injury Lawyer Can Prove Fault and Gather Evidence to Support Your Claim

In addition to determining who is at fault for your accident injuries, attorneys can investigate and gather the evidence needed to support your claim and negotiate with the insurance company. Consequently, you can receive the compensation you deserve while recovering from your injury without worrying about finances.

Through the years, we have assisted many clients in getting compensation for their injuries following an accident caused by the negligence of another party. Our team knows your hardships with mounting medical costs and the inability to work. The burden of dealing with an accident injury and being responsible for financial damages should not be placed on anyone.

What Are the Causes of Accidents Involving Slips and Falls?

The following are the leading causes of accidents involving a slip and fall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say spills on floors account for over half of these accidents, but many additional risks are to watch for. Some of these risks are:

  • When there is inclement weather or along produce aisles, there should be rubberized or slip-resistant mats for these situations to keep the floors from becoming slippery
  • Lack of warning signs, water on the floor, and unstacked products
  • Water or ice leaking from machines
  • The inability of employees to spot and remove potential hazards promptly due to inadequate training
  • Potholes in parking lots, shifting pavement, and broken curbs are a concern on public or government properties.
  • Handrails are missing or loose, carpeting is bunched in spots, treads are damaged, and stairwells have poor lighting.
  • Tripping hazards exist, such as loose floor mats and cords in the way where people walk, or floorboards are insecure.
  • A cluttered store exhibits poorly stacked products in aisles and haphazardly arranged items that can fall and cause a hazard.
  • The employer fails to follow OSHA regulations to protect workers from slips and falls.
  • A trip hazard is caused by incorrectly leveled elevator floors
  • Lighting that is inadequate or poorly placed, making it difficult to see
  • A bolt sticking out, a defective tooth, lack of inspection, and loose handrails are common trip and fall problems with escalators
Slip and Fall Accidents: Who Is Liable?

Slip and fall accident liability on a property may lie with the following:

  • Unless the person is trespassing, private residence owners or lessees
  • Commercial establishments such as stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Properties owned and cared for by government entities
  • Public venues such as amusement parks and concert arenas
  • Landlords and tenants of rental properties
  • Train stations, airports, and bus terminals
What Should I Do Following a Slip and Fall Injury Accident?

If you are injured by falling, you can protect your claim by following these steps:

  • Call 911 if you are seriously injured.
  • Ask the manager or another responsible staff member for an accident report and fill it out, providing specifics about where the incident occurred and why.
  • Try to spot the nearest video cameras in the store and take photos of them.
  • Note whether or not you saw any store employees in that area before, during, or after the accident.
  • Ask witnesses for contact information if they saw your accident.
  • Check if others noticed the spill or other negligence that resulted in your injuries.
  • Your cell phone can take pictures of your injury and the spill before it dries or another hazard.
  • Keeping the clothing and shoes you wore when you were injured and storing them in a plastic bag is the best way to preserve them.
  • Keep a logbook of your injury symptoms, visits to the doctor, things that are difficult for you to do due to your injuries, and the cost of your medical treatment.
Accident Compensation for Slips and Falls

An insurance settlement is reached after making a personal injury claim in a premises liability accident, or a civil lawsuit is filed. Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company is the fastest way to receive compensation. It is common for insurance companies and business owners to try to settle early with a low-ball offer. As a result, you might receive an offer below what you need to cover your losses. Still, insurance companies will manipulate the situation by taking advantage because you cannot work and need the money.

Early on, after an accident, many injuries and symptoms can be hard to diagnose, and treatment may also be unclear. Before accepting their offer, you must sign a release, so you can’t sue them in the future for the treatment you might need. Enlisting the help of a Lincoln, CA, slip and fall attorney can help you obtain the compensation that will cover all of your losses.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered?

You may recover the following losses if you suffer an injury accident:

  • Medical expenses: The injured person will be able to recover the costs associated with medical care, including transport, hospitalization, medications, tests, and rehabilitation.
  • Lost wages: Your lost wages can be repaid, which includes the amount of money, pension, insurance benefits, and other monies you would have earned had the accident not taken place.
  • Pain and suffering: Following an accident, you may suffer from physical pain and psychological and emotional trauma, which can be compensated.

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Lincoln, CA

We can offer free and friendly advice about your injury accident when you contact us at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. Our lawyers are available to schedule a free virtual or in-person meeting with no obligation to you. During this process, your questions can be answered, your case will be reviewed, and you will find out what options are available for recovering damages. We are also available to be contacted online.

See how our team of injury lawyers has helped others receive maximum Settlements and Verdicts.

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