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The old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend has existed for centuries. The first recorded use of that particular saying is from the 18th century when it was used by Frederick the Great of Prussia to describe his favorite Italian Greyhound. Unfortunately, this saying does not hold true with all dogs. Some dogs, including Pitbulls and watchdog breeds like Rottweilers, are statistically more likely to attack you and inflict serious bodily harm than other dogs.

Children are the most common victims of serious dog bite injuries, mainly due to the large size of some dogs compared to younger children. According to the L.A. Times, California leads the nation in reports of dog bite claims and was dubiously honored as the “Dog Bite Capital” of the United States.

Dog Owners Can Be Held Liable If Their Dog Attacks Another Person

In many states, dogs receive what can essentially be referred to as a warning, where no liability attaches to a dog’s owner if the owner can show that they had no knowledge of their pet’s vicious tendencies. This is often referred to as a “one bite” rule. Fortunately, California does not adhere to such a rule. In California, the law of the land is strict liability. This basically means that a dog owner is strictly liable for the injuries caused by their dog. They cannot simply claim they did not know their dog could hurt someone. California’s strict liability law requires no prior notice or record of past attacks.

This is a significant benefit for victims of dog attacks since they are not burdened with proving that the dog owner was negligent in some form or fashion. If they can produce evidence that they were attacked by the owner’s dog, they can generally receive financial compensation for their injuries.

Waiting to Take Legal Action is a Mistake

The personal injury statute of limitations applies to a dog bite injury lawsuit. Your lawyer must file a lawsuit within two years of the attack. If a lawsuit is filed after two years have passed, you will likely be barred from obtaining any financial recovery. Contact a Marysville dog bite lawyer immediately after being bitten or attacked by an animal.

How a Lawsuit Can Help You with Your Harms and Losses

Approximately 20 percent of dog attacks are severe enough to warrant that a person receives immediate medical attention, and it is not uncommon for victims of dog bites to be hospitalized and undergo corrective surgeries.

Some dog attacks are so severe that a victim endures scarringmultiple lacerationsbroken bones, ligament damage, nerve damage, or they may even lose their life.

A serious physical injury can cost thousands of dollars in unexpected medical expenses. For example, a study conducted in 2010 revealed that the average cost of medical care for a dog bite was over $15,000. While the care is expensive, reconstructive surgery to alleviate permanent scarring can cause medical care costs to spike even higher.

personal injury lawsuit can help you with these harms and losses by enabling you to pursue financial compensation from the homeowner’s insurance policy of the dog owner. The damages available to dog bite victims include your medical bills and related expenses, your lost wages from time missed to recover from the attack, and the pain, suffering, and emotional trauma associated with a dog attack. For example, many dog-bite victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder or phobia of dogs after a severe attack.

However, to recover these damages, the average dog bite victim will need legal assistance in filing a claim. Recovery of damages involves much more than simple negotiations with the dog’s owner or an insurance company. An experienced Marysville dog bite injury lawyer can prove invaluable by reviewing your medical records and the relevant evidence. From there, your lawyer can file the necessary paperwork for the claims. They can also negotiate with the insurance company and advise whether settling or going to trial makes sense.

Watch the video below for tips on what to do after being bitten by a dog.

Dog Bite Lawyers in Marysville, CA

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