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Medial Condyle Femur Fracture

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Medial Condyle Femur Fracture


A femur fracture can develop in different locations. If the fractures are overlooked, they could fail to heal properly, creating a negative situation for the patient. One example of these fractures is a medial condyle fracture.

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What is a Medial Condyle Femur Fracture?

One of the rarer bone fractures seen in the medical community, the medial condyle of the femur is a bony protrusion where the femur meets the knee. Both knees also have a protrusion on the other side of the knee called the lateral condyle. 

This structure helps to protect the knee and the femur from damage due to traumatic injury, such as in a pedestrian accident. When someone fractures their knee or their femur, it is unusual to have an isolated femoral medial condyle fracture. Because of this, these fractures are prone to be missed.

A Retrospective Review

A study looked at the patients who had sustained a fracture of either femoral condyle over a seven-year period. The study wound up with around 70 cases. These individuals had suffered fractures due to a variety of causes, including auto accidents

Of the 70 cases, the vast majority suffered a fracture of their lateral condyle, diagnosed with imaging. This makes sense because the medial condyle is shielded from external forces by the opposite leg while the lateral condyle is not. Only around one percent of the patients had suffered an isolated fracture of their medial condyle while around two percent of patients had fractured both condyles.

Medial Femoral Condyle Fracture Study Results

Of the six patients who had suffered an isolated fracture of their medial condyle, four of the patients had their fractures diagnosed on the first visit. However, two of the patients had one or more fractures missed when they first presented. 

The patients had their medial femoral condyle fractures repaired using surgery. Their fractures were fixated using screws and most patients made a full recovery in a few months. The average time for a complete union of the fracture was around 4.5 months. Most patients did not suffer any loss of function, including mobility loss, in the injured limb.

The Significance

This study highlights the fact that an isolated medial condyle femur fracture is quite rare. Therefore, these patients are prone to having their diagnosis missed. It is important for every patient and medical provider to maintain a high index of suspicion to ensure that these patients are properly diagnosed and treated. 

When a patient comes in suffering extremity trauma, it is important for every provider to examine the entire patient and to be alert to the possibility of an isolated femur fracture in either condyle.

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