Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accidents

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident- Disputed Liability Head-on Injury- Traumatic Brain Injury and Spine Injuries. Our client, a motorcyclist, was hit head-on by another vehicle and suffered several injuries including a traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as displacement of a lumbar (low back) intervertebral disc which ultimately led to a lumbar spine fusion surgery. We worked with several leading medical, vocational, and brain injury experts on this case in order to obtain a satisfactory settlement just prior to trial. Defense counsel argued that our client was at least partially at fault for causing the subject collision because he was traveling at a speed in excess of the speed limit and had he been riding his motorcycle more safely the collision could have been avoided.

Cow vs Motorcycle Accident - This was a difficult liability case involving highly contested issues of whether or not a pasture was properly fenced. Our client, a 55-year-old male field maintenance manager for a water company, was injured in a motorcycle accident involving a cow. This resulted in compartment syndrome of his right leg, a comminuted right tibial plateau fracture, and right popliteal artery disruption. He was hospitalized for 3 months and underwent numerous surgeries. After 7 months, he returned to a part-time clerical job with the previous employer. Even in the alternate position, he could only work 2-3 hours a day, earning 35% of his former salary, representing a substantial loss of future earnings.

Motorcycle Accident - Our client suffered a fracture of the right tibial plateau, four-compartment syndrome.

Motorcycle Accident - Combined Leg Fracture Injury and Property Damage Settlement - Our client was on his way to work when a commercial truck pulled out from a stop directly into his path. Our motorcyclist client suffered a left grade 1 open midshaft femur fracture, rib fractures, and a concussion. The insurer for the commercial vehicle argued that our client was at least partially at fault because he was speeding. We hired one of the top motor vehicle collision reconstruction experts in the area to disprove the defense’s arguments, and ultimately obtained the total liability insurance policy available.

Disputed Liability Motorcycle Accident – Leg and Ankle Injury - Our client, a motorcyclist, and full-time pipefitter were involved in a collision with a truck that resulted in him suffering a fractured ankle, tibia, and fibula. The truck driver and his representation contended that our client was speeding. They argued that if our client was driving more safely the broadside collision could have been avoided. After fighting on behalf of our client and negotiating for several weeks, we obtained the total insurance proceeds available and was able to avoid litigation altogether.

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client, a 59-year-old motorcyclist, husband, and father, suffered a fractured tibia and fibula in a motorcycle collision with a truck. Within just a few months of taking the case, we were able to resolve our client's claim for the total insurance proceeds available.

Cow vs Motorcycle Accident. This was a difficult liability case involving issues of whether or not a pasture was properly fenced. Our client was injured in a motorcycle accident involving a cow that escaped from the owner's property. Our client was in a coma for several days. He suffered a fractured jaw, a fractured elbow, traumatic brain injury, and injuries to his back, shoulder, and leg. After the accident, he was in rehabilitation and was unable to return to work representing a substantial loss of earnings.

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client suffered disc protrusion at L4-5; disc protrusion at L5-S1; radiculopathy from disc protrusions requiring surgical intervention; displacement of a lumbar intervertebral disc without myelopathy; fracture of the superior endplate of L4.

Disputed Liability Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) with sequela; right orbital floor blow-out fracture; and right zygomatic complex fracture.

Disputed Liability Motorcycle Accident - Our client, a motorcyclist who was in training to become a firefighter, was involved in a collision with another vehicle and suffered a closed comminuted displaced fracture of the shaft of his left clavicle, as well as a concussion. The other driver contended that our client was speeding, driving unsafely, and as a result was primarily responsible for the incident. Initially, counsel for the other driver was unwilling to offer any settlement. We secured a settlement on our client’s behalf after several weeks of negotiations.

Dislocated Shoulder Injury – Motorcycle Accident - Our client was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle when another vehicle pulled out from a Starbucks parking lot directly into his path. It is our belief that the other driver was texting on her phone when the collision occurred. As a result of the other driver’s distracted driving and carelessness, the two vehicles collided causing a serious motorcycle vs auto accident. Our client was thrown from his motorcycle and onto the road. Thankfully, our client survived the motorcycle crash suffering personal injuries including mild road rash and a dislocated shoulder. Physicians at the hospital were able to repair the shoulder injury without major surgery by using a technique called “shoulder dislocation reduction.”

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - We obtained a pre-trial settlement in this matter arising from a car vs. motorcycle collision in which our client sustained neck and back injuries when ejected from a motorcycle, incurring approximately $55,000.00 in initial hospitalization care. Subsequent to the initial treatment our client had little additional care other than ongoing medication usage in the two years that followed. Our client received no injections, did not have disc injuries directly related to the incident and, in fact, had pre-accident medical conditions that mirrored the symptoms he had after the incident. Settled three days prior to trial despite the defendant's contentions that our client suffered only soft tissue injuries in the accident.

Motorcycle Accident -
Our client suffered a disc injury in his back as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Specifically, our client endured an annular tear in his L5/S1 disc. Our client obtained chiropractic treatment, consulted with a back specialist, and had a couple epidural injections to help with the pain. We quickly obtained the total $100,000 insurance policy available to our client from the negligent driver who caused the collision.

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - In August of 2021, our client was operating his motorcycle in the early evening while driving home from work. He was proceeding forward through an uncontrolled intersection at the posted speed limit. He was wearing protective gear and a helmet. Suddenly, a vehicle driving in the opposite direction made a hasty left turn in front of the motorcyclist severely injuring him. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, fractured hip, fractured femur, and extensive road rash. He was in a coma for several days. Despite the obvious value of the injuries to our client, the defendant's insurance policy was limited to $100,000.

Sport Utility Vehicle vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client suffered a closed compression fracture to the mid-shaft of the right femur.

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client suffered T12 and L1 compression fractures and acute incarceration of the right testicle in the inguinal canal.

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client was riding his motorcycle on the road when a driver made a left-hand turn onto his path, causing a collision. Our client suffered severe leg and ankle injuries. The case was resolved for the available $100,000 policy limits.

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client was riding a motorcycle that was not in his name or insured when the at-fault driver drove into his path. This collision caused substantial injury to our client, including but not limited to a  leg amputation below the knee. The case was resolved for the available $100,000 policy limits.

Auto vs Motorcycle Accident - Our client suffered a traumatic injury, including but not limited to six pelvic fractures, torn ligaments, and knee fractures, requiring multiple surgical interventions and 17 days at UC Davis Hospital. The case was resolved for the available $100,000 policy limits.

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