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Oceanside Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer

With its laid-back atmosphere, Oceanside is a paradise for beach lovers, surfers, and art aficionados. Located in San Diego County, its population in 2017 was 176,193. Tourists and locals enjoy sights like the Oceanside Pier and the California Surf Museum. Activities such as Race Across America, the bicycle race that runs over 3,000 miles, and the Beach Soccer Championships highlight Oceanside’s great weather for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Even in such a wonderful place, accidents still happen, so if you’re in a traffic collision, bicycle crash, or suffer another injury due to negligence, call our law firm for help and advice.

Look Over the Law Firm’s Client Reviews

It can be confusing when you need legal advice and start looking at the endless list of attorneys to choose from. Several ways can help you narrow it down to find the right lawyer to ask for advice. The first is to look at reviews that law firm clients have posted. Comments and reviews from former clients can give you a good idea of whether the law firm successfully obtains compensation and its quality of service. To see the reviews of my law firm, you are welcome to visit our testimonials page, along with Yelp, Google, and Avvo. My high ratings ensure that you will receive personal attention and excellent representation in your case. In addition, I’ve included a link to our Verdicts and Settlements page so you can see some of our previous cases and how they were resolved.

Types of Cases in Oceanside

Personal injuries encompass a wide variety of accident types. The services my law firm offers are professional, compassionate, and dedicated. We specialize in severe injuries and wrongful deaths. Some of the cases we handle include but are not limited to accident injuries and fatalities caused by:

  • Amusement park injuries and deaths can occur due to defective or poorly maintained equipment, inadequate security, contaminated food products, and other causes.
  • Aviation mishaps can be due to maintenance or parts defect issues, a pilot not certified for specific tasks, etc.
  • Autonomous vehicle collisions occur when the vehicle has defective parts or software.
  • Bicycle accidents are commonly caused by motorists and result in severe injuries.
  • Boating accidents can be caused by negligent boaters and rental companies.
  • Bus accidents are caused by poorly trained drivers, negligence in maintenance, and company neglect.
  • Defective medical devices such as pacemakers, prosthetic devices, or surgical implants can cause serious injuries.
  • Dog bite claims arise when a pet owner is negligent.
  • Government claims arise due to poor design or maintenance of a roadway or government building.
  • Mesothelioma is an aggressive type of cancer contracted after asbestos exposure.
  • Motorcycle accidents occur due to negligent motorists or defects in the roadway.
  • Motor vehicle collisions encompass any type of accident that results in injuries or fatalities caused by negligence.
  • Nursing home abuse or fatalities can be caused by negligent staff, wrong medications, etc.
  • Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are caused by traffic accidents or because of the negligence of a public entity.
  • Premises liability claims can arise from an accident in a public area or private home.
  • Products liability covers any type of defective product, from auto parts to children’s toys and furniture,
  • Public events such as concerts, fairs, or other gatherings are common locations for accident injuries.
  • Swimming accidents can occur in public or private pools, spas, or hot tubs.
  • Train accidents can be caused by faulty equipment, poor maintenance of the train or tracks, and bad scheduling.
  • Truck collisions often happen due to poorly trained drivers, faulty equipment, scheduling, and neglect by the company.
  • Uber, Lyft, and other hired vehicles can cause injuries when the driver is negligent.
  • Wildfire injuries and deaths can be due to negligence by a power company or other source.
  • Workers’ compensation cases that involve third-party negligence can be financially compensated.
  • Wrongful deaths may be caused by an intentional act or negligence.

The video below explains our holistic approach to personal injury law.

Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer

Call our law firm at (760) 509-8818 or (800) 404-5400 for free and friendly advice if you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Since 1982, our legal team has upheld the rights of Oceanside residents to compensation in all types of motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death cases, and traumatic injuries.

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