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Out-of-State Accidents and Out-of-State Clients


If you have experienced a severe auto collision while traveling in California and have suffered injuries, rest assured that you are not alone in your legal journey. Our law firm specializes in personal injury cases within California and has successfully represented numerous clients who reside in other states. Although our primary office is in California, our commitment to assisting individuals severely injured in auto collisions extends to clients across the United States.

At our firm, we have developed an extensive network of attorneys nationwide and fostered valuable relationships with premier legal professionals, consistently achieving outstanding results. Our ability to serve clients outside of California is facilitated through a legal process known as “pro hac vice” admission.

Pro Hac Vice Appearance

Our legal team at AutoAccident.com can effectively represent clients in states other than California by collaborating with local counsel or making a Pro Hac Vice appearance in legal proceedings. The term “Pro Hac Vice,” derived from Latin and meaning “for this occasion” or “for this event,” refers to a legal arrangement where an attorney who is not formally admitted to practice in a specific jurisdiction is granted permission to participate in a particular case.

Who Can Appear Pro Hac Vice

Pro Hac Vice admission is typically available to attorneys who hold licenses in one United States jurisdiction but not in the jurisdiction where the legal action occurs. These out-of-state attorneys must meet certain conditions and requirements to be eligible for Pro Hac Vice admission. In most states, an attorney admitted to practice law in the highest court of another state can seek Pro Hac Vice admission as long as they are associated with a lawyer who is admitted to practice in the jurisdiction where the case is pending.

Out-of-State Lawyers

Out-of-state attorneys not admitted to practice law in a particular state must obtain Pro Hac Vice admission before legally practicing law in that jurisdiction. This procedure allows nonresident attorneys to work temporarily alongside a licensed attorney from the state where the case is being heard. Typically, the court overseeing the case decides to grant Pro Hac Vice admission to safeguard the interests of all parties involved and to ensure the effective and equitable conduct of the legal proceedings.

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Your search for legal representation does not need to be limited to the geographical area where the accident occurred. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are prepared to assist you, regardless of where your collision occurred. To explore your legal options and understand how our team can support you in pursuing justice and compensation, please contact us online or at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. We offer free consultations to discuss your case and provide guidance tailored to your unique situation. Your recovery and well-being are our top priorities, no matter where you are located.

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