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A bicycle accident can result in some of the most severe injuries to those who share the roadways. Although most traffic collisions are between motor vehicles, injuries are often severe or fatal when a bicycle rider is involved. As more people turn to bicycles for their economy, exercise, and pleasure, and with the increase in motor vehicles, what started out as a pleasant ride can end up with a visit to the emergency room. When that happens, a Patterson bicycle accident lawyer can investigate the case to determine negligence and get fair compensation for your injuries and other damages.

The legal team at AutoAccident.com has successfully obtained compensation for many bicycle riders injured by a negligent motorist or another entity. By obtaining compensation for their bicycle accident injuries, the injured party can recover the cost of their medical expenses caused by the collision, their lost wages, and their pain and suffering. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of a Bicycle Collisions?

A bicyclist in a collision with a car may sometimes be at-fault. However, most of the time, negligence by the driver of the motor vehicle or other entity leads to an injury accident with a bicyclist. Some of the most common causes for a bicycle collision are:

  • Failing to yield to a bicyclist: Bicycle riders have their own rights, just as drivers of motor vehicles do. Underestimating the speed of a bicyclist often leads to serious accident injuries.
  • Right turns on red: Motorists turning right on red usually look to their left for oncoming traffic. However, they neglect to check their right-hand side, which may either have a rider waiting in the bike lane or one in the crosswalk. 
  • Speeding: Speeding is a common cause of accidents involving bicyclists. When a driver is speeding, their vehicle requires a longer distance to stop in an emergency, and the motorist is more apt to lose control. 
  • Distracted driving: Just as a distracted driver can cause a rear-end or other collision, they can also fail to notice a nearby bicycle rider, which can cause an accident.
  • Encroaching on the bicycle lane: Drivers turn into the bike lane when they plan to turn right. However, a bicyclist may occupy that lane, and failure to look for one can lead to a bicycle accident.
  • Ignoring the three-foot passing law: Under California’s three-foot passing law, a motorist must maintain at least three feet between their vehicle and a bicycle rider to help avoid accidents. When a three-foot clearance isn’t available, the motorist is expected to slow to a safe speed and only pass when it’s safe.
  • Drunk and drugged driving: Drunk drivers exhibit poor reflexes, problems with vision, and other deficiencies that make them a danger on the roads and can cause a bicycle accident.
  • Defective bike parts: A defect in the tires, brakes, or other bicycle areas can lead to a severe accident. When a defective part leads to a bicycle accident, a Patterson bicycle accident lawyer can hold the manufacturer, parts supplier, and others responsible for any injuries by filing a product liability claim.
  • Roadway problems: When traffic lights are defective, foliage overhangs signs and obscures them, gravel or potholes, and other disturbances in the road exist, it can lead to a bicycle collision. The government entity maintaining those roadways can be liable for any accident injuries. Since the statute of limitations for filing against a government entity is much shorter than for other personal injury claims, enlisting the help of a bicycle accident attorney in Patterson may be helpful. This ensures the paperwork is completed correctly and filed within that time limit. Otherwise, the court will refuse to hear the case.
Investigating a Bicycle Accident With Injuries

A bicycle accident is investigated by an injury lawyer much in the same way as other collisions. To proceed with a claim against the at-fault driver, it must be proven that the motorist was responsible for the accident injuries. We do this by investigating the accident to collect the evidence needed to support the client’s claim for damages, such as:

  • The investigative team heads to the site of the bicycle accident to gather the evidence before it is covered up or disappears. While there, they take photographs, examine the damage caused by the collision and look for signs of government negligence, which means the entity in charge could also be held responsible.
  • The accident report filed by the responding police is examined to ensure accuracy because mistakes may mean the injured bicyclist might not file a claim.
  • Area traffic surveillance cameras are checked to see if the collision was captured on tape. If it was, that evidence could be subpoenaed.
  • The investigators interview witnesses to the bicycle accident. Witnesses can describe how the collision occurred, and there are times when one has captured the bicycle accident as it happened on their cell phone.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed, which shows the positioning of the vehicle and bicycle rider and how the collision occurred. This evidence is used by insurance companies and in civil court and can illustrate how the bicycle accident happened.
  • The bicycle is checked to ensure a defective part didn’t cause the accident. If it did, a claim for injury compensation could be placed against the manufacturer.

When the evidence is gathered, our Patterson bicycle accident attorneys use it to build a solid case that benefits our client’s claim to recover compensation.

In the following video, Patterson bicycle accident lawyer Ed Smith discusses what to do when you’ve been injured in a collision:

Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Patterson, CA

When you’ve suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, you may benefit from the advice of an injury attorney. We offer free and friendly advice when you call us at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400. You can also connect with us online.

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