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Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian accidents

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client was struck violently while walking in a designated pedestrian crossing. There was plenty of signage and a flashing blinking yellow light installed to warn drivers. Our client’s injuries included two broken legs, two broken arms, and a broken pelvis.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client suffered a left foot injury with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Auto v. Pedestrian Accident – On February 9, 2023, in Fair Oaks, CA, our client began to cross a busy street at the walk signal in the crosswalk.  An inattentive driver turning right with the sun in her eyes failed to see our client in the crosswalk and hit her, knocking her down to the asphalt. The car continued to roll, going over her leg and causing a substantial wound and burn to her lower shin. Our client subsequently contracted an infection to the wound, which required multiple emergency visits and surgery to heal. The case was resolved for the available $300,000 policy limits.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client, a high school student, was crossing a street near his school in a crosswalk following a football game. As he was proceeding through the crosswalk, an individual driving at an excessive speed struck our client, throwing his body in the air and ultimately landing over twenty feet from the point of impact. Our client, unconscious at the scene, was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. As a result of the collision, he suffered a closed head injury and bruised abdomen. Doctors initially believed he might have ruptured his pancreas. Our client was evaluated by a neuropsychologist who found mild cognitive deficits possibly as a result of right temporal and frontal lobe damage. The case was complicated by allegations that our client had been drinking alcohol before the accident and unsafely ran into the street preventing the motor vehicle from a reasonable opportunity to stop.

Multi-Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Pedestrian stepped put from a median lane and was struck by two cars. Our office obtained a settlement arguing that the defendant driver did not keep a proper lookout and should have been able to slow down and either avoid entirely or strike the injured party with less force if they had been paying attention to the roadway.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client, a UC Davis student, was crossing Old Davis Road using the pedestrian crosswalk provided for the students on campus at the University of California – Davis. The at-fault driver informed the police that he did see our client in the crosswalk, but he failed to remain stopped. Recklessly, and without concern for others, he attempted to speed through, but unfortunately, our client stood in his way. According to multiple witness statements, our client’s body was tossed in the air like a rag doll and landed on the hood of the at-fault party’s vehicle. Records indicate that our client’s body caused a sizable dent where her body hit the hood of the car. Our client suffered Severe Comminuted Clavicle Fracture; Traumatic Brain Injury/Closed Head Injury with Concussion; Continuing Cognitive Deficiencies; Depression and Anxiety; Occult Mesenteric Injury; Left Hip Abrasion and Bruising; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depression; Left Elbow Abrasions; Left Hand Abrasions; Left Hand Paresthesias; Chest Wall Contusions and Abrasions; Left and Right Foot Abrasions and Pain; Facial Abrasions and Facial Pain; Left Knuckle Abrasions; Left Upper Extremity Pain; Left; Severe and Debilitating Headaches; Soft Tissue Swelling of the Left Clavicle. Per our client’s wishes, we settled her case without the need for litigation.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client was a 70-year-old male who was at a gas station pumping gasoline into his vehicle. The defendant failed to pay attention and collided with the client, pinning him against a pillar. The resulting injuries required immediate attention from an off-duty firefighter who was able to make a tourniquet in order to prevent the client from bleeding out. Our client was then transported by ambulance to UC Davis hospital. He underwent multiple surgical procedures and skin graph procedures in order to keep his leg from needing to be amputated.

Contested Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client was involved in a pedestrian accident after stepping off a curb and being hit by a pickup truck. As a result, our client suffered a personal injury to his knee including a tear of the medial collateral ligament of left knee and tear of the medial meniscus. Defense counsel argued that our client was looking at his cell phone and not paying attention when he stepped off a curb directly into the path of the pickup truck. We argued that drivers of motor vehicles owe a significant duty to the safety of pedestrians, and as a result, the pickup driver should have seen our pedestrian client sooner and slowed his vehicle accordingly to take into account the close proximity.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client had just parked his car on J Street in downtown Sacramento, California. He exited his vehicle to join his wife who was waiting for him on her side of the car. Suddenly and without warning, our client was violently hit on his back by something solid. He recalls his body being whipped and flipped around several times causing him to land on the hood of his car. He also recalled something hitting his lower leg. Police and emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene. A police report was ultimately prepared. The at-fault driver, a PG&E employee, admitted to not noticing our client at first and in his opinion it seemed our client ‘appeared all of a sudden.’ The side mirror of the PG&E vehicle had struck our client’s back. Our client suffered: Compression Fracture of the Spine at T8; Right Paracentral Disc Protrusion at T6-7 Indenting the Spinal Cord; Lung Contusion Causing Pain with Breathing; Abrasion to Back at the Thoracic Spine; Abrasion to Right Lower Extremity; Right Heel Pain Increased With Walking; Right Foot Pain; Cervical Neck Strain/Sprain with Pain Radiating Into his Right Scapula; Cervical Spasms and Tenderness; Thoracic Spasms, Pain and Tenderness; Lumbago (low back pain); and Thoracic Stiffness Resulting in Thoracic Loss of Motion. The defense in this case not only argued that the collision was, at least partially, our client’s fault, but also that the compression fracture in his back pre-existing the subject incident. We filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf, but shortly thereafter was able to settle this case.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – The driver of a car turned left on a green light in Downtown Sacramento. The intersection requires motorists who turn left to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Our client (the pedestrian) was not only nearly halfway through the crosswalk but had legally crossed on a green light. A Traffic Collision Report existed in our client’s favor and witnesses existed that supported our client’s position. Despite this, the insurance carrier insisted that our client bore partial liability for ‘crossing in front of a moving car’ and refused to pay their insured’s policy limits. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of the injured pedestrian when the Courthouse opened after the COVID 19 shutdown in 2020. Our client had fallen forward upon being hit by the car and her shoulder had struck the pavement. This resulted in a rotator cuff injury that needed to be repaired through surgical intervention. We ultimately obtained the defendant’s policy limits of $100,000 on behalf of our client.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident – Our client suffered leg fractures.

Auto vs Pedestrian Accident– Our client was struck by a car while he was crossing the street on foot. Unfortunately, he was not in a crosswalk at the time of the accident. Our firm obtained the defendant’s policy limits.