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Pine Hills Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer


Pine Hills, California, is a census-driven area near Eureka in Humboldt County. The population of this suburban community is growing, and in 2010, it reached 3,131. There is easy access to other coastal California and Oregon areas and Washington State via U.S. 101. The majority of people own their homes. Accidents happen no matter where you live.

If you have been injured in an accident in Pine Hills or anywhere else in Humboldt County, call our legal team at (707) 564-1900 for a free case evaluation.

What Is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is an umbrella term for accidents that hurt the mind, body, or emotions in contrast to property. Such injuries are caused by negligence or by an intentional act. They can also be liable when a manufacturer fails to provide a safe product. Some lawyers practice only personal injury law, and they are called specialists. Others are generalists, and besides doing personal injury law. They also handle such entities as divorces, wills, and criminal law. Some of the types of cases an injury lawyer handles are car and truck accidents, traumatic injuries, and malpractice. When someone is in an accident or hurt by another party, a Pine Hills personal injury attorney is one of the first people they reach out to after a medical professional.

Three Areas a Pine Hills Personal Injury Lawyer Focuses On

One of the first things a personal injury lawyer must prove is liability. After an accident, the parties will often argue over whose fault it was. A personal injury lawyer visits the accident scene to look for evidence and questions witnesses or acquires videos that capture the incident on video. In many cases, bringing an accident reconstructionist who will use various techniques to recreate the crash is helpful. An injury lawyer needs to have the necessary resources to prove fault.

Next, a lawyer must prove the accident caused their client’s injuries. Finally, the client needs to be compensated for the financial cost of those injuries. A Pine Hills personal injury lawyer will bring together medical, vocational, and financial experts to verify the necessity and expense of medical care and additional losses an injury causes. Many injuries require extended care at home, which can be expensive. The bottom line is that an injury lawyer will do what they can to make their client whole again.

Watch the following video presented by attorney Ed Smith on how to choose a personal injury lawyer:

Types of Personal Injuries We Handle

There are many types of personal injuries. Some are listed below:

  • Car accidents: This is the most common type of personal injury. The casualties are usually due to driver error. Some things a driver may do that result in a crash are driving distracted or drunk. These accidents range from rear-end impacts to head-on collisions. If negligence caused an accident, your Pine Hills car accident lawyer could help.
  • Dog bites: California has the highest number of dog bites. Under California Civil Code 3342, a dog owner can be held liable for the injury. An attorney who specializes in personal injury law can help.
  • Truck accidents: Such accidents can cause gruesome injuries due to the size of a truck compared to a passenger vehicle. Engaging a Pine Hills auto accident attorney who can determine fault in such crashes is essential.
  • Bicycle accidents: Most bicycle accidents result in serious injury to cyclists. It is essential to have an attorney to ensure that extended hospital stays are covered.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Many motorcycle accidents are due to conspicuously making bikers invisible. An injury lawyer will work to show that the defendant failed to live up to their duty of keeping others safe when they drive.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Many pedestrians are hurt and killed each year in California, and speeding has a great deal to do with it. Drivers traveling at speeds above the limit often cannot stop in time to avoid a pedestrian accident.
  • Boating accidents: Humboldt County has much to offer outdoors, and some favorite activities involve boating. Yet, a boating accident can end in injury or death for many people. A Pine Hills personal injury attorney can help the injured party or family obtain the necessary compensation.
  • Government entities: Some accidents are caused by government entities. A lawsuit can be filed against them to recover damages when this happens. The time limit to file the lawsuit differs significantly from other claims. Having an experienced lawyer can ensure that all documents are filed on time.
  • Product liability: Manufacturers must make safe products that consumers can depend on. If they fail in that duty, a lawsuit can be filed against them, the product designer, or the retailer.
  • Wrongful death: A person can be killed by another’s negligence or intentional act. The family can file a wrongful death claim to recover the financial loss that person’s death causes and the lost emotional support.
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If you have been injured by a negligent driver, call experienced Pine Hills personal injury attorneys at (707) 564-1900 in Humboldt County and (800) 404-5400 out of the area for free friendly advice. We can also be reached online.

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