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Red Bluff Truck Accident Lawyer


Established in 1876, Red Bluff is a historical city in the heart of Northern California between the Sierra Nevada, Trinity, and Shasta Mountainous regions. While it only has a population of around 15,000 people, the city serves as the seat of the Tehama County Government and is a hub of activity for the region. Additionally, because Red Bluff sits on Highway 36, plenty of traffic travels through the area daily.

All this activity and traffic means that Red Bluff drivers frequently share the road with large commercial vehicles passing through the city or delivering goods to local businesses. While truck activity is a sign of a healthy economy, these vehicles also pose a significant threat to other roadway users, and accidents involving big rigs frequently cause severe injuries.

As Red Bluff truck accident lawyers, we help people obtain fair compensation to recover financially and personally following significant collisions.

Truck Accidents in Glenn County

Data reported by local traffic agencies, including the Red Bluff Police Department and California Highway Patrol, showed 3,012 injury-causing car accidents in Tehama County between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2019. Of these collisions, 184 involved a large truck, and these 184 accidents resulted in 150 injuries and cost 22 people their lives.

While truck accidents only accounted for around six percent of traumatic crashes in Tehama County, they were much more likely to cause fatal injuries. Out of 147 fatal crashes, 20 involved a big rig, meaning that large trucks were involved in around 13 percent of deadly Tehama County collisions.

Why Are Big Rigs So Dangerous?

Commercial trucks are massive vehicles and can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds in California. The size of these trucks means that they carry a lot of momentum, and the more force involved in an accident, the more likely it is that a severe injury will occur. Even in situations that may have otherwise been relatively minor, big-rig crashes can result in severe or fatal trauma. Smaller vehicles are often pinned underneath big rigs in underride accidents. These crashes are hazardous because passenger vehicle occupants are left with little protection.

Furthermore, big rigs can be dangerous because their size makes it difficult for drivers to make collision avoidance maneuvers. Big rigs make very wide turns and can’t suddenly swerve, or they will overturn. On top of this, truck drivers need to begin braking much earlier than other motorists. These factors contribute to how dangerous large trucks can be for other people on the road.

Staying Safe When Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks

While it’s impossible to say when or where accidents will happen, drivers can improve their safety when sharing the road with big rigs. To learn more, you can watch this helpful YouTube video:

The Impact of a Truck Accident Injury

Because truck injuries tend to be severe, people involved in these accidents often face several serious challenges. First, being injured in a crash can be very painful, and recovery is often physically and financially stressful. Because major accident injuries require extensive medical care, collision survivors often worry about how to afford treatment.

On top of this, being injured can leave people temporarily or even permanently disabled. This can prevent survivors from participating in activities they care about and may make it difficult or impossible for them to work. A sudden loss of income can make it even harder for people to afford the care they need.

Calling an Attorney

Fortunately, accident survivors can file injury claims to seek compensation for their personal and economic damages. By working with an attorney, many can obtain the total payment they need to cover their medical expenses, make up for lost income, and more.

However, trucking companies know their vehicles are dangerous and are almost always ready to take quick action in a crash. In most cases, the company will even employ a legal accident response team to gather evidence and witness statements at the scene. Because trucking companies are so quick to take action, it’s vital to call an attorney immediately. If your lawyer can begin putting your case together immediately, they’ll be more able to effectively ensure you can obtain the payments you are owed.

The “Personal” Personal Injury Lawyers

We have been injury attorneys for nearly four decades. Our clients and peers have given us the nickname “The ‘Personal’ Personal Injury Lawyers” because we run our firm holistically and focus on fostering a personal relationship with our clients. In contrast, many attorneys maintain a business-like tone when dealing with their clients. However, focusing on a personal connection can help us be more effective advocates.

By showing compassion and taking a personal interest in our clients’ lives, we can learn more about how their injuries have affected them. This knowledge helps us present a stronger case when arguing in court or negotiating with insurance companies.

Red Bluff Truck Accident Lawyer

Crashes can be life-changing. If a truck accident caused severe injuries, call our experienced truck accident lawyers in Red Bluff at (530) 392-9400. We can also be reached at (800) 404-5400.

Our law firm has assisted people living in Red Bluff with major injury cases since 1982. Reviewing our case settlements and trial verdicts, you can learn more about us.

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