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Redding, California, is situated along two major trucking routes – Interstate 5 and State Route 299 – in the northern part of the state. Because of the city’s proximity to these commercial corridors, Redding motorists share the highways with many big rigs daily. Unfortunately, that means area residents are involved in their fair share of truck accidents.

Accidents involving huge commercial trucks often result in massive property damage and severe injuries. If you were injured in a serious truck accident, it is essential to call an experienced and skilled Redding truck accident lawyer to protect your legal rights and maximize your financial recovery. Contact our accident attorneys at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400 for a free consultation.

Dangerous Areas in Redding for Big Rig Crashes

When traveling around the Redding area, it is a good idea to use caution in the regions where truck accidents often occur. In addition to Interstate 5 and State Route 299, other areas in Redding are at risk for crashes. It probably goes without saying that the streets with the highest risk for traffic collisions are large roads that house several businesses. 

Those streets include:

  • Bechelli Lane
  • Market Street
  • Lake Boulevard
  • Cypress Avenue
  • Hilltop Drive
Leading Causes of Redding Truck Accidents 

Though it may be the carelessness of the passenger vehicle driver that causes the collision, in many cases, it is negligent action by the truck driver or trucking company that results in a crash. Here are some factors that are frequently seen when investigating the cause of trucking accidents:

  • Improperly Loaded Cargo. Overloaded or improperly secured cargo can fall off a truck, causing another motorist to collide. Uneven weight distribution when loading cargo can result in a rollover. If the load is hazardous or mislabeled, that could lead to a dangerous spill or even an explosion.
  • Driver Fatigue. Accidents caused by truck driver fatigue became such an issue that laws regulating how long a driver could work without a mandated rest break. Because drivers are under time limits to deliver goods and work odd hours that may interfere with sleep patterns, fatigue is still a common cause of truck accidents.
  • Lack of Truck Maintenance. If a truck is not regularly inspected and maintained, faulty equipment issues can lead to a crash. Examples include brake failure or tire blowouts.
  • Unsafe Speed. Large commercial trucks need more lead time to take evasive actions and stop. If a driver travels beyond a safe speed, there may be insufficient time and space to avoid a collision.
  • Impaired Driving. It is not just alcohol and illegal drugs that lead to dangerous driving. Even over-the-counter medications can affect a person’s ability to react and drive safely.
Common Types of Injuries in Trucking Collisions

Given the physics – a vast, heavy vehicle coupled with highway speeds and impact forces – truck crashes can cause severe, even fatal, injuries. Below are some of the most common injuries sustained in such a collision:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and back injuries – ranging from strains/sprains to disc protrusions and fractured vertebrae
  • Broken teeth or jaw injuries
  • Facial contusions, abrasions, and/or lacerations
  • Internal injuries – organ damage caused by the force of impact or broken ribs
  • Broken bones
  • Limb amputation
  • PTSD – which can be long-lasting and require extensive therapy
Types of Damages Recoverable in Truck Accident Cases

Damages sought in a truck accident case are similar to those in other personal injury matters. However, the amounts may be higher, given the potential for more serious injuries. Some of the categories of damages for which monetary recovery may be sought in a Redding truck accident case include:

  • Medical Expenses. This category of damages seeks compensation for accident-related medical treatment. It includes medical bills already incurred and the projected cost of future care that a physician has reported will be necessary.
  • Loss of Income. If injuries sustained in the accident resulted in time lost from work, the lost income is recoverable. If the injuries prevent the claimant from returning to their usual line of employment or working, a loss of earning capacity claim will be included.
  • General Damages. Also known as non-economic damages, general damages include payment for the physical pain and emotional suffering the injured party endured.

If the injured person is married, their spouse may be entitled to loss of consortium damages, compensating for the accident’s negative effect and resulting injuries on the marital relationship.

If the accident caused fatal injuries, the decedent’s heirs might be able to file a wrongful death claim for economic and non-economic damages.

How to Choose an Experienced Attorney for a Truck Accident Case

Taking on a large trucking company in a legal case is a complex and complicated endeavor, and one is not advised to go about it on their own. The insurance company for the trucking company will have high-paid attorneys fighting against your claim. To protect your rights and ensure you are compensated fairly, retaining an experienced Redding truck accident lawyer is essential. 

Below are some questions to consider when researching whether an attorney is right for you:

  • Does this attorney have specific experience in trucking accidents?
  • What do former clients have to say about this lawyer? Check AvvoGoogle, and Yelp sites to get an idea. This can be one of the easiest ways to gain valuable insight.
  • What kind of results does the firm get? What settlements and verdicts have they reached in other cases?
  • Does the attorney have the financial resources to hire the best experts and see my case through a trial?
  • Will the lawyer care about me as a person?

The YouTube video below discusses some differences between truck and ordinary car accidents.

Call Our Truck Accident Attorneys in Redding, CA

Since 1982, our Redding truck accident injury lawyers have assisted injured Redding residents in getting the compensation they deserve. Following a severe truck accident, recovering from your injury is the primary goal. Having us handle the legal portion of your claim will allow you to focus on returning to good health. For compassionate, free, and friendly legal advice, call us at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400.

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