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Richmond Bicycle Accident Lawyer


More and more people use bicycles to run errands, exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and even go to work. Unfortunately, it has been 30 years since roads in America were this dangerous for bicycle riders. The danger of being in an accident caused by a negligent driver when riding or walking your bicycle is bad enough, but that trouble often doesn’t end with your injuries or losing a loved one.

Handling Your Case to Recover Compensation After a Bicycle Accident

You often find that dealing with your injuries is in addition to handling the insurance company of the person who caused your trauma or taking the matter to civil court to recover the compensation you need and deserve. When you call AutoAccident.com, you can spend your time recovering from your injuries without worry. Our dedicated, hard-working Richmond bicycle accident lawyers can handle your case, and our track record of wins will put you at ease.

How Can I Stay Safer While Out on My Bike?

Although there are times when a bicycle collision with a motor vehicle can’t be avoided, there are common types of accidents you can look out for and potentially avoid, such as:

  • Cars pulling out: Vehicles pulling out of parking lots and driveways on the right and side streets commonly cause collisions with bicycle riders. Slow down and make noise to get the driver’s attention. Having a loud bike horn can help, too.
  • Dooring: Dooring accidents are surprisingly common involving bicycle riders. Staying far enough left to avoid being doored can help. If possible, stay in the bike lane.
  • Going the wrong way: Never ride against traffic. It’s not only illegal in California but increases the risk of a collision with a motor vehicle. Since motor vehicle drivers expect bicyclists to go in the same direction as the traffic, they will not be looking for a rider going the wrong way.
  • Crosswalks: Use extra caution at crosswalks. Crosswalks are especially dangerous since motorists are so busy watching the other cars they neglect to look for bicycle riders until it’s too late. One way to stay safer is to use crosswalks with less traffic. Crosswalk accidents can result in some of the most severe harm to bicyclists, such as traumatic brain injuries.
  • Right-hand turns: A car turns right in front of you. These accidents often happen at intersections because the bicycle rider is in the driver’s blind spot. Stopping behind a vehicle can keep you from being struck if a vehicle is turning.
What Are the Most Common Injuries in a Bicycle Collision?

It’s essential to remember that there is no such thing as a typical accident. The types of injuries you suffer in an accident will depend on the circumstances, speed of the vehicle, and other variables. Because cyclists are not adequately protected against motor vehicles, they often suffer severe injuries in traffic accidents. At AutoAccident.com, we have successfully handled many cases involving bicycle injuries and fatalities. Injuries that may result from bicycle accidents include:

  • Facial trauma: Injuries to the face are common in bicycle accidents and may include fractures and damage to the teeth.
  • Broken bones: Bicycle accident injuries commonly result in fractures that may need surgical repair and pinning or plates.
  • Chest and abdominal trauma: Serious injuries can occur to the chest or abdomen, including a punctured lung, broken ribs, internal bleeding, or organ damage.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: A TBI may range from a concussion to hemorrhage or severe damage with long-term consequences.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord damage can result in temporary or permanent paralysis, depending on the site where the break occurred.
Negligence That Can Lead to a Serious Bicycle Accident

One of the reasons you can benefit from the help of a Richmond bicycle accident attorney when you’re injured in a collision is that negligence has to be proved for the injured rider to place a compensation claim. Some of the common types of negligence that cause a bicycle accident include:

  • Distracted driving is a major cause of all types of accidents. A driver who is busy texting, checking their email, or accessing GPS takes their focus off the roadway just long enough to become involved in a collision.
  • Speeding is another major cause of accidents, and the faster the speed, the more likely a bicycle rider will suffer severe trauma or end up fatality.
  • Drunk and drugged driving causes many accidents, including those with bicycle riders. Being under the influence can affect a driver’s ability to control a car, slow reaction times, and limit judgment.
  • Reckless driving includes tailgating, running a red light or stop sign, not yielding the right of way, racing, and other actions that endanger others.
  • Fatigued driving is often not recognized by the person behind the wheel of a car. However, it is comparable to driving while inebriated because the motorist exhibits many of the same characteristics as someone on drugs or drunk.
How Is My Bicycle Accident Investigated?

When a lawyer takes on your case, they will send investigators to gather the evidence to support your claim. Without it, your claim probably won’t go anywhere. Among the areas of an investigation conducted by our own investigators are:

  • The investigators go to the accident site to look for evidence, including paint and metal pieces, road damage that can indicate the driver didn’t try to stop or that contributed to the collision, and other information. Photos are taken to document the scene.
  • The bicycle itself is examined to see if it contains any defects that could have led to the accident. A product liability claim may be placed to recover damages if a defect is found.
  • The area is checked for surveillance cameras mounted by the city, businesses, or nearby homes. Video evidence supports your recovery of damages because it can indicate who was at fault and how the collision occurred.
  • Interviews are conducted with any witnesses to the collision. Witnesses can corroborate how the accident occurred, which provides good evidence.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction, providing evidence of how the collision occurred and showing which party was at fault. This variety of evidence is widely accepted by insurance companies and civil court cases.

Once all the evidence has been collected, our Richmond bicycle accident lawyers construct a robust case that benefits our client’s claim.

At the following link, attorney Ed Smith offers advice on what to look for in a lawyer:

Richmond Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The injury lawyers at AutoAccident.com work diligently to obtain the compensation you deserve through hard work, evidence, and tenacity. We hold a high record of success in helping our clients, which shows our dedication. You can review our Verdicts and Settlements, which show a few examples. Throughout your case, you will be kept informed of its progress and can concentrate on healing rather than having the added burden of financial worries.

Contact us today for free and friendly advice at (510) 631-0200 or (800) 404-5400 to set up a free consultation. Your consultation can be arranged either at our office or virtually, where you can ask whatever questions you have, get a review of your case and find out what options there are to recover damages.

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