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Rio Vista Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer


Rio Vista is known as the “Heart of the Delta” and sits along the Sacramento River. It is located in Solano County, about 50 miles northeast of San Francisco. The city sits near State Route 12, about 25 miles from Interstate 80 and 17 miles from Interstate 5. Rio Vista is a charming small town providing excellent opportunities for its residents and visitors.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and suffered a severe or devastating injury, you have likely come upon this page because you believe you need the help of an excellent personal injury lawyer but are not quite sure how to find one. Call our experienced Rio Vista personal injury attorneys at (707) 564-1900 or (800) 404-5400 to discuss your legal options. Our law firm offers a free no-obligation consultation.

Injuries and Auto Accidents in Rio Vista

Motor vehicle accidents occur in and around Rio Vista all the time. While Rio Vista is a relatively small community with rural surroundings, it is also centrally located between the major population centers of Lodi, Fairfield, and Brentwood. Highway 12, which connects Rio Vista to some of these larger cities, has seen its fair share of severe and fatal accidents. As a major highway that runs through Rio Vista, Highway 12 can be full of heavy traffic, placing those who share the road with large trucks and other commercial vehicles at risk for devastating accidents.

Not only do motor vehicle accidents occur on major highways, but they can also happen on the streets of Rio Vista. Accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, or other vehicles often occur at busy intersections due to drivers failing to obey traffic laws or simply being inattentive to their surroundings. Motor vehicle accidents can cause many significant injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, back and neck strains, broken, shattered, fractured bones, and other damages.

Other Rio Vista Personal Injuries

Not all serious personal injuries are the result of a motor vehicle accident. If you have suffered a slip and fall that resulted in a traumatic brain injury or a seriously broken bone, our firm may be able to help you. We can also help with various injuries, including those sustained at construction sites, by dog bites, or even in the workplace.

Serious Personal Injury Cases

Our firm handles severe auto accident cases, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents

We also take on serious personal injury cases, including:

  • Injuries from bicycle accidents
  • Injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries from dog bites
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Farm Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained injuries like those mentioned above, or any other serious injury, we may be the right attorney to help you with your case. We are very client-focused, will explain your case in clear language you can understand, and we’ll be honest. If there are holes in your case, we’ll let you know, but if you have a solid case, you’ll also learn that from us.

No matter what, if we are a good fit, we will personally be involved with your case from start to finish, and you can be sure that we will work tirelessly on your case to help you obtain the results you deserve.

If you have sustained a minor injury, we can refer you to other qualified personal injury attorneys in Rio Vista.

Selecting the Personal Injury Attorney That’s Right For You

If you’re still not convinced that I might be the auto accident or personal injury lawyer for you, here are a few other tips for choosing a personal injury attorney:

  • When selecting a personal injury attorney, it is essential to find one that cares about you and your needs and your family;
  • It is also essential to find a Rio Vista personal injury attorney who practices only personal injury law – an attorney who is experienced in personal injury law can better evaluate your case and help fight for a successful outcome;
  • Having an experienced Rio Vista car accident lawyer is also an important consideration if your case goes to trial;
  • An experienced Rio Vista auto accident attorney with a history of success, including high settlements and verdicts, should also be a priority when picking someone to represent you.

Watch the following video for tips on finding the right personal injury lawyer.

Rio Vista FAQ

If I have been involved in an auto accident in Rio Vista, should I report the accident to the police?

If you or someone involved in the accident sustained any injuries, it is essential to call 911. However, if no one is injured in the accident, you can call dispatch at (707) 374-2300, and the dispatcher will provide instructions on what you should do next.

What is the first thing I should do if I have been injured in an accident?

The first thing you should do is see a qualified doctor. You must see a doctor immediately if you have sustained a severe injury. Your health should be of utmost concern; you can worry about dealing with a lawsuit later.

How long do I have to decide whether to pursue a claim for my injuries?

In California, you typically must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident. However, we usually recommend that you contact any insurance companies to let them know about the misfortune of having an open file and be prepared to negotiate your claim.

It is also worth noting that you only have six months from the accident to file a claim if you think you might want to pursue a claim against a governmental entity. Accordingly, to protect your legal rights, time is of the essence, so consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Car Accident Lawyers in Rio Vista, CA

If you or a family member has been seriously hurt in an accident, please call our skilled Rio Vista personal injury lawyers at (707) 564-1900 or (800) 404-5400 for free, friendly advice. Our injury lawyers have been practicing personal injury law exclusively since 1982. See a list of our past cases on our verdicts and settlements page.

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